1994 Ukrainian presidential election

← 1991 26 June 1994 (first round)
10 July 1994 (second round)
1999 →
Nominee Leonid Kuchma Leonid Kravchuk
Party Independent Independent
Popular vote 14,016,850 12,111,603
Percentage 52.3% 45.2%

President before election

Leonid Kravchuk

Elected President

Leonid Kuchma

Early presidential elections were held in Ukraine on 26 June 1994, with a second round on 10 July.[1] They were held ahead of schedule following a compromise between President Leonid Kravchuk and the Verkhovna Rada. The elections saw Kravchuk defeated by his former Prime Minister Leonid Kuchma. They were the first presidential elections in the Commonwealth of Independent States in which the incumbent was defeated.

Kuchma took office on 19 July, marking the first peaceful transfer of power since the fall of Communism.


On 17 June 1993 the Verkhovna Rada voted to hold a referendum on 26 September that would serve as a motion of no confidence in President Kravchuk. However, the referendum was cancelled two days before it was due to be held. The Verkhovna Rada instead decided to hold early parliamentary elections on 24 March 1994, and early presidential elections two months later.


In the first round Kravchuk was supported by the People's Movement (which had originally collected signatures for Volodymyr Lanovyi) and the Democratic Association, an alliance of right-wing parties that viewed Kuchma as being pro-Russian. Kuchma was supported by the Interregional Bloc of Reforms, and Socialist Party candidate Oleksandr Moroz was supported by the Communist Party and Peasant Party.[2] After he was knocked out, the Communists supported Kuchma in the second round.[3]

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Leonid Kravchuk Independent 9,977,766 38.4 12,111,603 45.2
Leonid Kuchma Independent 8,274,806 31.8 14,016,850 52.4
Oleksandr Moroz Socialist Party 3,466,541 13.3
Volodymyr Lanovyi Independent 2,483,986 9.6
Valeriy Babych Independent 644,263 2.5
Ivan Plyushch Independent 321,886 1.2
Petro Talanchuk Independent 143,361 0.6
Against all 697,564 2.7 645,508 2.4
Invalid votes 470,498 109,681
Total 26,480,671 100 26,883,642 100
Registered voters/turnout 37,630,835 70.4 37,531,666 71.6
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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