The 1997 World Table Tennis Championships were held in Manchester from April 24 to May 5, 1997.[1][2] This event was notable as the winner Jan-Ove Waldner won without losing a single set in all matches played, this was the first time that this occurred.[3]



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Swaythling Cup
Men's Team
Ding Song
Kong Linghui
Liu Guoliang
Ma Wenge
Wang Tao
Nicolas Chatelain
Patrick Chila
Damien Eloi
Jean-Philippe Gatien
Christophe Legout
 South Korea
Chu Kyo-sung
Kim Taek-soo
Lee Chul-seung
Oh Sang-eun
Yoo Nam-kyu
Corbillon Cup
Women's Team
Deng Yaping
Li Ju
Wang Chen
Wang Nan
Yang Ying
 North Korea
Kim Hyon-hui
Tu Jong-sil
Wi Bok-Sun
Christina Fischer
Olga Nemeș
Elke Schall
Jie Schöpp
Nicole Struse


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles Sweden Jan-Ove Waldner Belarus Vladimir Samsonov China Yan Sen
China Kong Linghui
Women's singles China Deng Yaping China Wang Nan China Li Ju
China Wu Na
Men's doubles China Kong Linghui
China Liu Guoliang
Sweden Jörgen Persson
Sweden Jan-Ove Waldner
France Damien Eloi
France Jean-Philippe Gatien
Japan Kōji Matsushita
Japan Hiroshi Shibutani
Women's doubles China Deng Yaping
China Yang Ying
China Li Ju
China Wang Nan
Hong Kong Chai Po Wa
China Qiao Yunping
China Cheng Hongxia
China Wang Hui
Mixed doubles China Liu Guoliang
China Wu Na
China Kong Linghui
China Deng Yaping
China Wang Liqin
China Wang Nan
Chinese Taipei Chiang Peng-lung
Chinese Taipei Chen Jing


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