The 1998 Stroud Council election took place on 7 May 1998 to elect members of Stroud District Council in Gloucestershire, England. One third of the council was up for election and the council stayed under no overall control.[1]

After the election, the composition of the council was


Before the election the Labour party ran the council, but the party had recently lost its one-seat overall majority after a vacancy in a Labour seat.[2] 19 seats were contested in the election with Labour defending 10 seats, the Liberal Democrats 5, Green party 2 and independents 2.[2]

Election result

The results saw no party win a majority on the council after Labour lost 1 seat to the Conservatives and 1 seat to an independent.[3]

Stroud local election result 1998[4]
Party Seats Gains Losses Net gain/loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
  Labour 8 -2 42.1
  Conservative 3 +3 15.8
  Liberal Democrats 3 -2 15.8
  Independent 3 +1 15.8
  Green 2 0 10.5


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