1999 European Parliament election in Finland

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14 seats to the European Parliament

The 1999 European Parliament election in Finland was the election of the delegation from Finland to the European Parliament in 1999.


National Coalition Party313,96025.2740
Centre Party264,64021.3040
Social Democratic Party221,83617.863–1
Green League and Independents166,78613.432+1
Left Alliance112,7579.081–1
Swedish People's Party84,1536.7710
Christian League29,6372.391+1
Kirjava ”Puolue”29,2152.350New
Finns Party9,8540.7900
Communist Party of Finland7,5560.610New
Retirees for the People1,9090.1500
Valid votes1,242,30399.53
Invalid/blank votes5,8190.47
Total votes1,248,122100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,141,09830.14
Source: Tilastokeskus

Most voted-for candidates

Candidate Party Votes
Heidi Hautala Green League 115,502
Marjo Matikainen-Kallström National Coalition Party 107,444
Astrid Thors Swedish People's Party 81,092
Reino Paasilinna Social Democratic Party. 64,204
Paavo Väyrynen Centre Party 64,009
Esko Seppänen Left Alliance 59,954
Ari Vatanen National Coalition Party 58,836
Kyösti Virrankoski Centre Party 50,075
Riitta Myller Social Democratic Party 47,939
Ilkka Suominen National Coalition Party 38,364
Eija-Riitta Korhola Christian Democrats 28,095
Pertti "Veltto" Virtanen Kirjava ”Puolue” 28,092
Matti Wuori Green League 26,846
Samuli Pohjamo Centre Party 25,333
Mikko Pesälä Centre Party 24,281
Ulpu Iivari Social Democratic Party 24,091
Piia-Noora Kauppi National Coalition Party &1822118,221
Satu Procopé Centre Party 17,037
Timo Kaunisto Centre Party 16,307
Jyrki Otila National Coalition Party 16,205
Antti Pentikäinen Centre Party 16,099
Rauno Meriö National Coalition Party 15,370
Inna Ilivitzky Left Alliance 14,901
Miapetra Kumpula Social Democratic Party 13,985
Pirjo Siiskonen Centre Party 12,825
Source: Tilastokeskus