The J.League Cup 2003, officially the Yamasaki Nabisco Cup 2003, was the 1st edition of Japan soccer league cup tournament and the 11th edition under the current J.League Cup format. The championship started on March 8, and finished on November 3, 2003.

Teams from the J1 took part in the tournament. Kashima Antlers and Shimizu S-Pulse were given a bye to the quarter-final due to their qualification for the AFC Champions League. The rest of 14 teams started from the group stage, where they're divided into four groups. The group winners of each group qualifies for the quarter-final along with the runners-up of group A and B, and the two teams which qualified for the AFC Champions League.

Group stage

Knockout stage

Quarter finals

First leg

Yokohama F. Marinos0–1Júbilo Iwata
Yasumasa Nishino 19'
Nissan Stadium
Attendance: 12,016
Referee: Akio Okutani

Urawa Red Diamonds2–2FC Tokyo
Emerson 64'
Toru Chishima 89'
Mitsuhiro Toda 28'
Mitsuhiro Toda 86'
Urawa Komaba Stadium
Attendance: 15,362
Referee: Toshimitsu Yoshida

Shimizu S-Pulse1–1Gamba Osaka
Ahn Jung Hwan 51' Magrao 78'
Kusanagi Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 9,070
Referee: Naotsugu Fuse

Kashima Antlers5–1Nagoya Grampus Eight
Euller 39'
Mitsuo Ogasawara 55'
Kōji Nakata 61'
Kōji Nakata 71'
Tomoyuki Hirase 80'
Keiji Yoshimura 87'
Kashima Soccer Stadium
Attendance: 9,525
Referee: Yoshitsugu Katayama

Second leg

Júbilo Iwata3–0Yokohama F. Marinos
Gral 56'
Ryoichi Maeda 69'
Yasumasa Nishino 85'
Yamaha Stadium
Attendance: 8,808
Referee: Kiyoshi Ota

FC Tokyo0–2Urawa Red Diamonds
Emerson 60'
Emerson 89'
Ajinomoto Stadium
Attendance: 17,343
Referee: Akio Okutani

Gamba Osaka2–3Shimizu S-Pulse
Masashi Oguro 70'
Tsuneyasu Miyamoto 82'
Emerson 31'
Ryuzo Morioka 76'
Keisuke Ota 89'
Osaka Expo '70 Stadium
Attendance: 6,053
Referee: Yoshitsugu Katayama

Nagoya Grampus Eight0–1Kashima Antlers
Naoki Soma 87'
Mizuho Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 7,751
Referee: Kazuhisa Osada

Semi finals

First leg

Kashima Antlers0–1Júbilo Iwata
Zivkovic 87'
Kashima Soccer Stadium
Attendance: 9,915
Referee: Toshimitsu Yoshida

Shimizu S-Pulse1–0Urawa Red Diamonds
Ahn Jung Hwan 23'
Nihondaira Sports Stadium
Attendance: 8,048
Referee: Kiyoshi Ota

Second leg

Júbilo Iwata0–2Kashima Antlers
Fernando 47'
Masashi Motoyama 61'
Yamaha Stadium
Attendance: 11,471
Referee: Masayoshi Okada

Urawa Red Diamonds6–1Shimizu S-Pulse
Tatsuya Tanaka 26'
Tatsuya Tanaka 44'
Emerson 54'
Emerson 57'
Emerson 62'
Koji Yamase 70'
Tuto 77'
Urawa Komaba Stadium
Attendance: 18,486
Referee: Joji Kashihara


Kashima Antlers0–4Urawa Red Diamonds
Koji Yamase 13'
Emerson 48'
Tatsuya Tanaka 56'
Emerson 86'
Tokyo National Stadium
Attendance: 51,758
Referee: Toru Kamikawa

Top goalscorers

Goalscorers Goals Team
Brazil Emerson
Urawa Red Diamonds
Japan Ryoichi Maeda
Júbilo Iwata
Brazil Gral
Júbilo Iwata