2003 Sudirman Cup
Tournament details
Dates18 – 23 March
VenueEindhoven Indoor Sports Center[1]
LocationEindhoven, Netherlands
2001 Seville 2005 Beijing

The 2003 Sudirman Cup was the 8th tournament of the World Mixed Team Badminton Championships of Sudirman Cup. It was held from March 18 to March 23, 2003 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. South Korea won in this eighth edition of the championship against China in the final 3–1.[2]

Host city selection

International Badminton Federation decided to split the IBF World Championships and the Sudirman Cup as separate tournaments starting from 2003. Canada, China, England, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands were the countries interested in hosting the tournaments.[3] Netherlands later announced as host for the first standalone Sudirman Cup tournament.[4]



Group 1

Subgroup 1A

Team One Team Two Score
South Korea South Korea Sweden Sweden 5-0
China China Sweden Sweden 5-0
China China South Korea South Korea 3-2

Subgroup 1B

Team One Team Two Score
Denmark Denmark England England 4-1
Indonesia Indonesia England England 3-2
Denmark Denmark Indonesia Indonesia 4-1

Relegation playoff

Team One Team Two Score
England England Sweden Sweden 3-0

Semi Finals

Team One Team Two Score
China China Indonesia Indonesia 3-1
South Korea South Korea Denmark Denmark 3-2


2003 Sudirman Cup Champions

South Korea

Third title

Group 2

Subgroup 2A

Team One Team Two Score
Hong Kong Hong Kong Netherlands Netherlands 3-2
Hong Kong Hong Kong Germany Germany 3-2
Hong Kong Hong Kong Ukraine Ukraine 4-1
Netherlands Netherlands Germany Germany 4-1
Netherlands Netherlands Ukraine Ukraine 5-0
Germany Germany Ukraine Ukraine 5-0

Subgroup 2B

Team One Team Two Score
Malaysia Malaysia Japan Japan 3-2
Malaysia Malaysia Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 3-2
Malaysia Malaysia Scotland Scotland 5-0
Japan Japan Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 4-1
Japan Japan Scotland Scotland 5-0
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Scotland Scotland 5-0


Team One Team Two Score Notes
Hong Kong Hong Kong Malaysia Malaysia 3-2 7th-8th
Japan Japan Netherlands Netherlands 3-0 9th-10th
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Germany Germany 3-2 11th-12th
Ukraine Ukraine Scotland Scotland 3-0 13th-14th

Group 3

Subgroup 3A

Team One Team Two Score
India India Bulgaria Bulgaria 3-2
India India Wales Wales 4-1
India India Austria Austria 4-1
Bulgaria Bulgaria Wales Wales 3-2
Bulgaria Bulgaria Austria Austria 4-1
Wales Wales Austria Austria 5-0

Subgroup 3B

Team One Team Two Score
Russia Russia Finland Finland 4-1
Russia Russia United States United States 4-1
Russia Russia Norway Norway 5-0
Finland Finland United States United States 3-2
Finland Finland Norway Norway 5-0
United States United States Norway Norway 5-0


Team One Team Two Score Notes
Russia Russia India India 3-2 15th-16th
Finland Finland Bulgaria Bulgaria 3-1 17th-18th
Wales Wales United States United States 3-2 19th-20th
Austria Austria Norway Norway 3-0 21st-22nd

Group 4

Subgroup 4A

Team One Team Two Score
Poland Poland Spain Spain 5-0
Poland Poland Switzerland Switzerland 5-0
Poland Poland Belgium Belgium 5-0
Spain Spain Switzerland Switzerland 3-2
Spain Spain Belgium Belgium 3-2
Switzerland Switzerland Belgium Belgium 3-2

Subgroup 4B

Team One Team Two Score
France France Australia Australia 3-2
France France Iceland Iceland 3-2
France France Czech Republic Czech Republic 4-1
Australia Australia Iceland Iceland 3-2
Australia Australia Czech Republic Czech Republic 4-1
Iceland Iceland Czech Republic Czech Republic 3-2


Team One Team Two Score Notes
Poland Poland France France 3-1 23rd-24th
Spain Spain Australia Australia 3-2 25th-26th
Iceland Iceland Switzerland Switzerland 3-0 27th-28th
Belgium Belgium Czech Republic Czech Republic 3-1 29th-30th

Group 5

Subgroup 5A

Team One Team Two Score
Slovenia Slovenia South Africa South Africa 4-1
Slovenia Slovenia Estonia Estonia 3-2
Slovenia Slovenia Israel Israel 5-0
South Africa South Africa Estonia Estonia 3-2
South Africa South Africa Israel Israel 4-1
Estonia Estonia Israel Israel 4-1

Subgroup 5B

Team One Team Two Score
Portugal Portugal Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 4-1
Portugal Portugal Peru Peru 4-1
Portugal Portugal Slovakia Slovakia 4-1
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Peru Peru 3-2
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Slovakia Slovakia 3-2
Peru Peru Slovakia Slovakia 3-2


Team One Team Two Score Notes
Portugal Portugal Slovenia Slovenia 3-1 31st-32nd
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Belgium Belgium 3-1 33rd-34th
Peru Peru Estonia Estonia 3-0 35th-36th
Slovakia Slovakia Israel Israel 3-0 37th-38th

Group 6

Subgroup 6A

Team One Team Two Score
Hungary Hungary Cyprus Cyprus 3-2
Hungary Hungary Greece Greece 4-1
Hungary Hungary Latvia Latvia 5-0
Cyprus Cyprus Greece Greece 3-2
Cyprus Cyprus Latvia Latvia 5-0
Greece Greece Latvia Latvia 5-0

Subgroup 6B

Team One Team Two Score
Lithuania Lithuania Luxembourg Luxembourg 3-2
Lithuania Lithuania Greenland Greenland 5-0
Lithuania Lithuania Gibraltar Gibraltar 5-0
Luxembourg Luxembourg Greenland Greenland 3-2
Luxembourg Luxembourg Gibraltar Gibraltar 5-0
Greenland Greenland Gibraltar Gibraltar 5-0


Team One Team Two Score Notes
Hungary Hungary Lithuania Lithuania 3-2 39th-40th
Cyprus Cyprus Luxembourg Luxembourg 3-2 41st-42nd
Greece Greece Greenland Greenland 3-1 43rd-44th
Latvia Latvia Gibraltar Gibraltar 3-1 45th-46th

Group 7

Team One Team Two Score
Jamaica Jamaica Turkey Turkey 3-2
Jamaica Jamaica Suriname Suriname 5-0
Jamaica Jamaica Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 5-0
Turkey Turkey Suriname Suriname 3-2
Turkey Turkey Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 4-1
Suriname Suriname Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 3-2

Final classification

Group 1
Pos Country
1 South Korea Korea
2 China China
3 Indonesia Indonesia
Denmark Denmark
5 England England
6 Sweden Sweden
Group 2
Pos Country
7 Hong Kong Hong Kong
8 Malaysia Malaysia
9 Japan Japan
10 Netherlands Netherlands
11 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei
12 Germany Germany
13 Ukraine Ukraine
14 Scotland Scotland
Group 3
Pos Country
15 Russia Russia
16 India India
17 Finland Finland
18 Bulgaria Bulgaria
19 Wales Wales
20 United States United States
21 Austria Austria
22 Norway Norway
Group 4
Pos Country
23 Poland Poland
24 France France
25 Spain Spain
26 Australia Australia
27 Iceland Iceland
28 Switzerland Switzerland
29 Belgium Belgium
30 Czech Republic Czech Republic
Group 5
Pos Country
31 Portugal Portugal
32 Slovenia Slovenia
33 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
34 South Africa South Africa
35 Peru Peru
36 Estonia Estonia
37 Slovakia Slovakia
38 Israel Israel
Group 6
Pos Country
39 Hungary Hungary
40 Lithuania Lithuania
41 Cyprus Cyprus
42 Luxembourg Luxembourg
43 Greece Greece
44 Greenland Greenland
45 Latvia Latvia
46 Gibraltar Gibraltar
Group 7
Pos Country
47 Jamaica Jamaica
48 Turkey Turkey
49 Suriname Suriname
50 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands


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