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2004 European Parliament election in Austria

← 1999 13 June 2004 2009 →

18 seats to the European Parliament
Turnout42.43% (Decrease 6.97 pp)
  First party Second party Third party
Hannes Swoboda par Claude Truong-Ngoc juillet 2013.jpg
Ursula Stenzel - Pressekonferenz am 22. Sep. 2020 (2).JPG
Leader Johannes Swoboda Ursula Stenzel Hans-Peter Martin
Party SPÖ ÖVP Hans-Peter Martin's List
Alliance PES EPP
Last election 31.71%, 7 seats 7 seats, 30.67%
Seats won 7 6 2
Seat change Steady Decrease 1 New
Popular vote 833,517 817,716 349,696
Percentage 33.33% 32.70% 13.98%
Swing Increase1.62pp Increase2.03pp New

  Fourth party Fifth party
Johannes Voggenhuber (cropped).jpg
Kronberger.Hans-0492 (16895233641).jpg
Leader Johannes Voggenhuber Johann Kronberger (lost seat)
Party Greens FPÖ
Alliance Green
Last election 9.29%, 2 seats 23.40%, 5 seats
Seats won 2 1
Seat change Steady Decrease 4
Popular vote 322,429 157,722
Percentage 12.89% 6.31%
Swing Increase3.60pp Decrease17.09pp

The 2004 European Parliament election in Austria was the election of MEP representing Austria constituency for the 2004–2009 term of the European Parliament. It was part of the wider 2004 European election. The vote took place on 13 June.

The parties of the left, the Austrian Social Democratic Party and the Greens, improved their share of the vote. The ruling conservative party, the Austrian People's Party, also improved its share, but this was at the expense of its coalition partner, the Austrian Freedom Party, whose vote dropped sharply. The anti-corruption campaigner Hans-Peter Martin polled strongly and his list won two seats.


Social Democratic Party of Austria833,51733.3370
Austrian People's Party817,71632.706–1
Hans-Peter Martin's List349,69613.982New
The Greens – The Green Alternative322,42912.8920
Freedom Party of Austria157,7226.311–4
Opposition for a Europe of Solidarity19,5300.780New
Valid votes2,500,61097.43
Invalid/blank votes66,0292.57
Total votes2,566,639100.00
Registered voters/turnout6,049,12942.43