2004 European Parliament election in Germany[1]

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All 99 German seats in the European Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
Party CDU/CSU SPD Green
Seats before 53 33 7
Seats won 49 23 13
Seat change Decrease4 Decrease10 Increase6
Popular vote 11,476,897 5,547,971 3,079,728
Percentage 44.5% 21.5% 11.9%
Swing Decrease4.2% Decrease9.2% Increase5.5%


  Fourth party Fifth party
Seats before 6 0
Seats won 7 7
Seat change Increase1 Increase7
Popular vote 1,579,109 1,565,431
Percentage 6.1% 6.1%
Swing Increase0.3% Increase3.0

Europawahl 2004 Bundesländer.png

The 2004 European Parliament election in Germany was the election of MEP representing Germany constituency for the 2004-2009 term of the European Parliament. The vote was held on 13 June 2004.

The elections saw a heavy defeat for the ruling Social Democratic Party, which polled its lowest share of the vote since World War II. More than half of this loss, however, went to other parties of the left, particularly the Greens. The votes of the opposition conservative parties, the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union, also fell, though not as sharply as the SPD's. The liberal Free Democratic Party improved its vote and gained representation.


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2004 Europarliament election in Germany.svg
Christian Democratic Union9,412,99736.5140–3
Social Democratic Party5,547,97121.5223–10
Alliance 90/The Greens3,079,72811.9413+6
Christian Social Union2,063,9008.009–1
Party of Democratic Socialism1,579,1096.127+1
Free Democratic Party1,565,4316.077+7
The Republicans485,6621.8800
Human Environment Animal Protection331,3881.2900
The Grays – Gray Panthers314,4021.2200
Family Party of Germany268,4681.0400
National Democratic Party241,7430.9400
Ecological Democratic Party145,5370.5600
Feminist Party of Germany145,3120.5600
From now on... Alliance for Germany List135,0150.520New
Party of Bible-abiding Christians98,6510.3800
Action Independent Candidates70,3010.270New
German Party62,0050.240New
Christian Centre46,0370.1800
Departure for Civil Rights, Freedom and Health43,1280.170New
German Communist Party37,1600.140New
Bavaria Party35,1520.1400
Centre Party26,8030.1000
Party for Social Equality25,7950.100New
Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität21,9830.0900
Valid votes25,783,67897.21
Invalid/blank votes739,4262.79
Total votes26,523,104100.00
Registered voters/turnout61,682,39443.00
Source: Federal Statistics Office


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