2004 Malawian general election

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Presidential election
Nominee Bingu wa Mutharika John Tembo
Popular vote 1,195,586 937,965
Percentage 35.97% 28.22%

Nominee Gwanda Chakuamba Brown Mpinganjira
Party MC NDA
Popular vote 836,118 286,320
Percentage 25.16% 8.61%

President before election

Bakili Muluzi


Bingu wa Mutharika

General elections were held in Malawi on 20 May 2004 to elect a President and the National Assembly. The election had originally been scheduled for 18 May but was postponed for two days in response to opposition complaints of irregularities in the voter roll.[1] By 22 May no results had been announced, leading to protests from the opposition and threats of disorder. On 25 May the Malawi Electoral Commission finally announced the results of the election. Bingu wa Mutharika, the candidate of the ruling United Democratic Front, was declared the winner of the presidential poll, whilst the Malawi Congress Party had won most seats in the National Assembly vote. Voter turnout was around 62%.[2]



There were five candidates for the presidential election:

National Assembly

A total of 1,268 candidates ran in the election of which 373 were independents and the rest representing fifteen parties.[3]

Seven parties contested the elections as the Mgwirizano Coalition; the Republican Party, the People's Progressive Movement, the Movement for Genuine Democratic Change, the People's Transformation Party, the Malawi Forum for Unity and Development, the National Unity Party and the Malawi Democratic Party.



CandidateRunning matePartyVotes%
Bingu wa MutharikaCassim ChilumphaUnited Democratic Front1,195,58635.97
John TemboPeter ChiwonaMalawi Congress Party937,96528.22
Gwanda ChakuambaAleke BandaMgwirizano Coalition836,11825.16
Brown MpinganjiraMary Clara MakungwaNational Democratic Alliance286,3208.61
Justin MaleweziJimmy Hastings Koreia-MpatsaPeople's Progressive Movement67,8122.04
Valid votes3,323,80197.37
Invalid/blank votes89,7642.63
Total votes3,413,565100.00
Registered voters/turnout5,752,02859.35
Source: CMI

National Assembly

Polling in six constituencies was delayed due to printing errors on the ballot papers.[4]

United Democratic Front801,20025.3449–44
Malawi Congress Party785,67124.8557–9
National Democratic Alliance256,7138.129New
Republican Party231,0027.3115New
Alliance for Democracy114,0173.616–23
People's Progressive Movement98,5483.126New
Movement for Genuine Democratic Change53,1271.683New
People's Transformation Party21,1530.671New
Malawi Forum for Unity and Development11,6550.370New
New Congress for Democracy9,5450.300New
Congress for National Unity7,4100.231New
Malawi Democratic Party2,4940.0800
National Unity Party2,3360.070New
Pamodzi Freedom Party3630.010New
National Solidarity Movement2160.010New
Valid votes3,161,58794.97
Invalid/blank votes167,3765.03
Total votes3,328,963100.00
Registered voters/turnout5,603,22559.41
Source: MEC