A status referendum was held on the island of Saba on 5 November 2004.[1]


After the 1994 referendum came out in favour of maintaining and restructuring the Netherlands Antilles, the government of the Netherlands Antilles tried to restructure the Netherlands Antilles and attempted to forge closer ties between the islands, as is exemplified by the adoption of an anthem of the Netherlands Antilles in 2000. A new referendum on Sint Maarten, which was in favour of a separate status for Sint Maarten as a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, sparked a new series of referendums across the Netherlands Antilles, however.

86.05% of the population in Saba voted for closer links to the Netherlands; remaining a part of the Netherlands Antilles got 13.18% of the vote. Independence got less than one percent of the vote.


Choice Votes %
Direct constitutional ties with the Netherlands 555 86.04
Remain part of the Netherlands Antilles 85 13.17
Independence 5 0.79
Invalid/blank votes 21
Total 666 100
Registered voters/turnout 856 77.80
Source: Direct Democracy

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