An election to Slough Borough Council was held on 10 June 2004. The whole council was up for election. This was the 120th Slough general local authority election, since Slough became a local government unit in 1863, including both whole Council elections and elections by thirds.

The Borough had been re-warded for this election. For the previous three Slough elections, which had each returned a third of the council, see 2001 Slough Council election, 2002 Slough Council election and 2003 Slough Council election.

The 2004 election was to fill forty-one seats. The leading vote winner in each of the fourteen wards was elected for the term 2004–2008. The second placed candidates were elected for 2004–2007. In all the wards, except Colnbrook with Poyle, the candidate with the third highest number of votes was elected for the term 2004–2006.

Recent political history of Slough to 2004

Slough Borough Council, between 1983 and 2004, had been controlled by the Labour Party.

Between 2003 and 2004, there were three groups of Councillors. In addition to the Labour Group and the Conservative Group there was the Britwellian, Independent, Liberal and Liberal Democrat Group (BILLD).

The BILLD Group was composed of all the Councillors, who were not Labour or Conservative. It was a coalition of a number of parties and independents. These included a Councillor or Councillors elected in particular wards; Liberal Democrat (Foxborough ward), Liberal (Haymill ward), Independent Britwellian Residents (Britwell ward) and Independent (Wexham Lea ward).

The existing members of the Group had an electoral pact for the 2004 election, which also extended to the Independent Farnham Residents candidates in Farnham ward and the Independent Langley Residents candidates in Langley St Mary's ward.

In 2003–2004, the composition of the 41 member council was:-

In the 2004 election 105 candidates were nominated for the 41 seats up for election. The list is broken down by Party, with a residual category of an Independent candidate not affiliated to BILLD.

Council by Party before and after 2004 Elections

Before the elections held on 10 June 2004, the composition of Slough Borough Council was as follows:

Composition Table (as of June 2004)
Party Group Leader Seats 03-04 % Seats Change (on 2003-2004) Seats 04
Labour Robert Anderson 26 63.41 -11 15
Other parties Richard Stokes 8 19.51 +3 11
Conservative Derek Cryer 6 14.63 +3 9
Liberal Democrats John Edwards 1 2.44 +5 6
Total Seats 41

Note: The Others category in this table includes all non-Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors. Richard Stokes (Liberal-Haymill) is the BILLD Group Leader, which includes the Liberal Democrats and all the Others category Councillors.

Composition of expiring seats before election

Ward Party Elected Incumbent Cand.?
Baylis Labour 2001 Rajinder Singh Sandhu Yes
Baylis Labour 1999 Gurmej Singh Sandhu Yes
Baylis Labour 2004 Balvinder Singh Bains Yes
Britwell Ind. Britwellian Res. 2003 Paul Janik * Yes
Britwell Ind. Britwellian Res. 2002 Sean Patrick Wright * Yes
Britwell Ind. Britwellian Res. 2002 Patrick Shine * Yes
Central Labour 1988 Ronald William Sibley Yes
Central Labour 1999 Lydia Emelda Simmons Yes
Central Labour 2004 Arvind Singh Dhaliwal Yes
Chalvey Labour 2001 Satpal Singh Parmar Yes
Chalvey Labour 2000 George Henry Davidson Yes
Chalvey Labour 2002 Pervez Choudhry Yes
Cippenham Labour 1996 Lawrence L. Gleeson Yes
Cippenham Conservative 1995 William Geoffrey Howard Yes
Cippenham Labour 2002 James Charles Robert Swindlehurst Yes
Colnbrook & Poyle Conservative 1997 Steven John Burkmar Yes
Colnbrook & Poyle Conservative 2000 Dexter Jerome Smith Yes
Farnham Labour 2001 Joginder Singh Bal Yes
Farnham Labour 1990 David Edward Mansell No
Farnham Labour 1997 Robert Anderson Yes
Foxborough Labour 1988 Mewa Singh Mann Yes
Foxborough Labour 2002 Jagjit Singh Grewal Yes
Foxborough Liberal Democrats 2000 John William Edwards * Yes
Haymill Liberal 1990 David John Munkley * Yes
Haymill Liberal 2002 Jean Frances Stockton * No
Haymill Liberal 1987 Richard Stanley Stokes * Yes
Kedermister Labour 1997 Ronald John Webb No
Kedermister Labour 2002 Christine Rita Small Yes
Kedermister Labour 2003 May Dodds No
Langley St Mary's Labour 2001 Nigel Ian Rushby No
Langley St Mary's Conservative 1997 Terrence W. Brennan Yes
Langley St Mary's Conservative 2000 Derek Ernest Cryer (c) Yes
Stoke Labour 2001 Raja Mohammad Zarait Yes
Stoke Labour 1999 Simon Ashley George Yes
Stoke Labour 2002 Egbert Christian Thomas No
Upton Labour 2001 Gurcharan Singh Manku Yes
Upton Labour 2002 Sukhjit Kaur Dhaliwal Yes
Upton Conservative 1999 Julia Thomson Long Yes
Wexham Lea Independent 2000 Michael Anthony Haines * Yes
Wexham Lea Labour 2001 Muriel Douglas Gilmour No
Wexham Lea Independent 2002 David Ian MacIsaac * Yes

Election result (overall summary)

Slough Borough Council Election Result 2004 (all seats)
Party Seats Gains Losses Net gain/loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
  Labour 15 N/A N/A -11 36.59 39.75 31,042 N/A
  Conservative 9 N/A N/A +3 21.95 25.39 19,830 N/A
  Liberal Democrats 6 N/A N/A +5 14.63 11.74 9,170 N/A
  Others 11 N/A N/A +3 26.83 23.12 18,056 N/A

Note: Due to boundary changes and this being a whole Council election, non-comparable to the 2003 election of a third of the Council, no attempt is made to provide numbers to fill the gain, loss and plus/minus columns.

History of Slough boundaries and wards

The Slough local government area came into existence in 1863. It comprised a part of the parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey, roughly corresponding to the modern Central and Upton wards.

In 1894 Slough became a civil parish and then an Urban District.

In 1900 the boundaries of the Slough district were expanded for the first time, increasing its size to 1,684 acres (6.81 km2). The northern boundary was extended up Stoke Road, as far as the Slough branch of the Grand Union Canal. To the south and west, Chalvey and the Salt Hill area, as far as the Montem Mound, were absorbed. To the east, part of Langley joined the district. The Agar's Plough area left Slough, to become part of Eton and provide playing fields for Eton College.

In 1930-1931 there was a major extension of the boundaries, increasing the district to 6,202 acres (25.10 km2). Parts of the parishes of Burnham, Dorney, Farnham Royal, Horton, Langley Marish and Stoke Poges were added to Slough.

Slough was first warded in 1930. The original seven wards were Burnham, Central, Chalvey, Farnham, Langley, Stoke and Upton.

The town was re-warded in 1950, when four of the previous wards (Burnham, Central, Farnham and Stoke) were split into north and south wards, to make a total of eleven.

Britwell and Wexham Court were added to Slough in 1973 (when these two new wards and the eleven existing wards were allocated between two and nine seats, instead of the three per ward which had existed previously).

There was another re-warding in 1983, which created thirteen three-member wards with revised boundaries.

Colnbrook & Poyle was added to Slough in 1995 and became a fourteenth ward, with one member 1995-1997 and two from 1997.

For Slough Council election 2004 the Borough was re-warded. There were still fourteen wards, but only Colnbrook with Poyle (formerly Colnbrook & Poyle) and Haymill had unchanged boundaries.

Election results by wards 2004

Baylis & Stoke

Baylis & Stoke (born 2004) is a three-member ward in the north of the Borough, to the west of Central ward and to the east of Haymill. It broadly combined the former Baylis and Stoke wards. Baylis was named after Baylis House and the estate of Baylis, which from the sixteenth century was a sub-division of the old parish of Stoke Poges (the southern part of which is included in Slough). Stoke was named after the parish. 2003-2004: the six seats in the former wards were all held by Labour. 2004: The Liberal Democrats, building on the Liberal tradition of the marginal former Stoke ward and overcoming the Labour leanings of the former Baylis ward, won all three seats in 2004.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Baylis & Stoke (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Democrats Rashad Javaid Butt * 1,348 18.56 N/A
Liberal Democrats Mushtaq Ahmed Hayat * 1,188 16.36 N/A
Liberal Democrats Duncan Peter Buchanan * 1,187 16.35 N/A
Labour Gurmej Singh Sandhu 1,034 14.24 N/A
Labour Sangeeta Sharma 975 13.43 N/A
Labour Rajinder Singh Sandhu 958 13.19 N/A
Conservative Narinder Kaur Chagga 300 4.13 N/A
Conservative Surinder Singh Chagga 271 3.73 N/A
Turnout 6,578 43.32 N/A


Britwell (born 1973) is a three-member ward in the north-west of the Borough. It includes Britwell parish, although since 1983 some unparished territory was added. Before Britwell became a civil parish it was a district of the old parish of Burnham. Britwell elected some Liberal Councillors in the 1980s but was otherwise safely Labour until 2000. Since then Britwellian and Independent Britwellian Residents Councillors have become increasingly successful. In 1997 Labour won all three seats, but by 2003-2004 the Residents held the three seats. 2004: Independent Britwellian Residents retained the three seats.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Britwell (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Britwellian Sean Patrick Wright * 1,170 24.54 N/A
Britwellian Patrick Shine * 1,157 24.27 N/A
Britwellian Paul Janik * 1,151 24.15 N/A
Labour Jacqueline Ruby Rock 397 8.33 N/A
Labour Anthony Alan Smeaton 358 7.51 N/A
Labour Trevor Maldwyn Allen 354 7.43 N/A
Conservative James Reid 180 3.78 N/A
Turnout 5,571 30.98 N/A


Central (1930-1950 and 1983-) has had different boundaries during the three of the four Slough redistributions in which it has existed (it was divided between Central North and Central South wards 1950-1983), but it has always been a three-member ward with Wexham to the north, Langley to the east, Upton to the south, Chalvey to the south-west and Baylis & Stoke to the west. It was part of the original parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey, although the hamlet of Slough (a few scattered houses and coaching inns along the Great West Road and Windsor Road) was smaller than the villages of Upton and Chalvey until the Great Western Railway arrived in the 1840s. 2003-2004: Labour held the three seats under the 1983 boundaries. 2004: Labour won one and the Conservatives two of the three seats of the revised ward.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Central (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Mohammed Aziz 1,274 16.43 N/A
Labour Lydia Emelda Simmons 1,269 16.37 N/A
Conservative Sumander Khan 1,267 16.34 N/A
Conservative Hussain Razzak Malik 1,212 15.63 N/A
Labour Arvind Singh Dhaliwal 1,194 15.40 N/A
Labour Mohan Singh Sihota 1,131 14.59 N/A
Green Vicki Nadine Thornton 406 5.24 N/A
Turnout 6,671 44.06 N/A


Chalvey (born 1930), (in the south of the Borough) is a three-member ward. In the nineteenth century it was a village that was part of the ancient parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey. It became an original ward of Slough. The ward has existed in some form continuously since the district was first warded in 1930. Before 1970 Chalvey was Conservative but since then it has been safely Labour. 2003-2004: Three Labour seats. 2004: The Liberal Democrats came within ten votes of winning a seat in the ward in 2004, but Labour retained the three seats.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Chalvey (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Pervez Choudhry 817 17.14 N/A
Labour Raja Mohammad Zarait 775 16.26 N/A
Labour Shabana Zeib 750 15.73 N/A
Liberal Democrats Joan Audrey F. Horton * 740 15.52 N/A
Liberal Democrats Gulshan Nasreen Ali * 705 14.79 N/A
Liberal Democrats Jagdeesh Singh * 645 13.53 N/A
Conservative Raffat Ali 335 7.03 N/A
Turnout 5,440 32.24 N/A

Cippenham Green

Cippenham Green (born 2004) is a three-member ward in the south-west of the Borough. Cippenham was a district of the old parish of Burnham. It was one of the two wards based on the old Cippenham ward, which was a Labour/Conservative marginal (six Conservative and eleven Labour wins between 1983 and 2003). This area is the western part of the previous ward, incorporates the Cippenham village area (including the Green which the ward is named after). 2003-2004: The former Cippenham ward was represented by two Labour and one Conservative Councillors. 2004: this ward elected one Conservative and two Labour Councillors.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Cippenham Green (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative William Geoffrey Howard 1,083 18.07 N/A
Labour Michael John Holledge 966 16.12 N/A
Labour James Charles Robert Swindlehurst 940 15.69 N/A
Conservative Paul Gerard Sutton 924 15.42 N/A
Labour Joan Jones 882 14.72 N/A
Conservative Maurice Arthur Stanmore 870 14.52 N/A
Liberal Democrats Wisdom M. Da Costa * 327 5.46 N/A
Turnout 5,807 38.76 N/A

Cippenham Meadows

Cippenham Meadows (born 2004) is a three-member ward in the south-west of the Borough. It was one of the two wards based on the old Cippenham Ward, which was a Labour/Conservative marginal (six Conservative and eleven Labour wins between 1983 and 2003). This area is the eastern part of the previous ward, incorporates the Windsor Meadows development which caused a large population growth since the 1983 redistribution of wards. Presumably these are the Meadows which the ward is named after. 2003-2004: see Cippenham Green. 2004: The new ward elected three Labour Councillors.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Cippenham Meadows (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour May Dodds 1,154 20.50 N/A
Labour Satpal Singh Parmar 1,083 19.24 N/A
Labour Nimrit Chohan 1,066 18.94 N/A
Conservative Mary Edith Collins 728 12.93 N/A
Conservative Graham Edward Smith 628 11.16 N/A
Conservative Rizwan Hussain 613 10.89 N/A
Green Debra Sant 357 6.34 N/A
Turnout 6,464 33.95 N/A

Colnbrook with Poyle

Colnbrook & Poyle (1995–2004), Colnbrook with Poyle (born 2004) is a (since 1997) two-member ward in the furthest east part of the Borough between to the M4 motorway and Greater London. Labour elected some Councillors here, in 1995 and 1997 (1 seat), but by 2000 the ward was safely Conservative. 2003-2004: Two Conservative Councillors. 2004: Two Conservative Councillors re-elected.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Colnbrook with Poyle (2 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Dexter Jerome Smith 637 26.15 N/A
Conservative Steven John Burkmar 553 22.70 N/A
Labour Gurcharan Singh Manku 364 14.94 N/A
Green Jill Angela Hatch 320 13.14 N/A
Labour Dilbagh Singh Parmar 319 13.20 N/A
Green Miriam Kennet 243 9.98 N/A
Turnout 3,702 34.88 N/A


Farnham (1930-1950 and 1983-) is a three-member ward in the west of the Borough, to the south of Britwell and west of Haymill. It was named after the old Farnham Royal parish, of which it was the southern part. This was an original Slough ward. There were Farnham North and Farnham South wards 1950–1983. A single Farnham ward was re-created in 1983. 2003-2004: Three Labour Councillors. 2004: This was a safe Labour Ward, with three Labour representatives.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Farnham (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Robert Anderson 1,061 18.13 N/A
Labour Joginder Singh Bal 1,060 18.11 N/A
Labour Sukhjit Kaur Dhaliwal 965 16.49 N/A
Ind. Farnham Res. Amrik Singh Johal * 787 13.45 N/A
Ind. Farnham Res. Nicholas Trevredyn Hoath * 784 13.39 N/A
Ind. Farnham Res. Abdul Rauf Bhatti * 695 11.87 N/A
Conservative Bridget Mary O'Brien 501 8.56 N/A
Turnout 6,239 39.75 N/A


Foxborough (born 1983) is a three-member ward in south-east Langley in the eastern part of the Borough. In the 2004 redistribution the ward lost its extension west along the southern border of Langley. It is named after a 4-acre (16,000 m2) area mentioned in connection with the inclosure of Langley Marish parish in 1809. This was the ward where the Liberal Democrats won their first election in Slough in 2000. 2003-2004: Two Labour and one Liberal Democrat Councillors. 2004: The Liberal Democrats held all three seats after the election.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Foxborough (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Democrats John William Edwards * 907 21.80 N/A
Liberal Democrats Sonja Anne Jenkins * 886 21.30 N/A
Liberal Democrats Robert Clive Plimmer * 714 17.16 N/A
Labour Russell Lee Ford 469 11.27 N/A
Labour Simon Ashley George 432 10.38 N/A
Conservative Dalwyn Ronald Attwell 397 9.54 N/A
Labour Alice Njeri Sheehy 355 8.53 N/A
Turnout 4,426 37.90 N/A


Haymill (born 1983) is a three-member ward in the west of the Borough (to the east of Farnham ward), which was left unchanged by the 2004 redistribution. It is a safe Liberal ward having last elected a non-Liberal Councillor in 1984. 2003-2004: Three Liberal Councillors. 2004: Three Liberal holds.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Haymill (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Richard Stanley Stokes * 939 22.68 N/A
Liberal David John Munkley * 920 22.22 N/A
Liberal Brian Graham Hewitt * 914 22.08 N/A
Conservative Peter Dale-Gough 535 12.92 N/A
Labour Lawrence L. Gleeson 322 7.78 N/A
Labour Basanti Chauhan 261 6.30 N/A
Labour Sham Lal Bahri 249 6.01 N/A
Turnout 6,324 27.87 N/A


Kedermister (born 1983) is a three-member ward in south-west Langley, in the eastern part of the Borough. In 2004 it was extended south a bit. The ward was named after Sir John Kedermister (or Kidderminster), who was Warden of Langley Park and founded some almshouses in Langley in 1617. 2003-2004: three Labour Councillors. 2004: This was a safe Labour Ward, with three Labour representatives.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Kedermister (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Jagjit Singh Grewal 923 14.43 N/A
Labour Mewa Singh Mann 895 14.00 N/A
Labour Christine Rita Small 765 11.96 N/A
Conservative Ronald Albert Harman 698 10.91 N/A
Conservative Darren Lee Gilpin 692 10.82 N/A
Conservative Nik Stewart 670 10.48 N/A
Liberal Democrats Helen Linda Edwards * 523 8.18 N/A
Green Michelle Little 417 6.52 N/A
UKIP Michael John Knight 412 6.44 N/A
Green Mathew Glynn Geeves 400 6.25 N/A
Turnout 5,805 42.07 N/A

Langley St Mary's

Langley St Mary's (born 1983) is a three-member ward in north Langley, in the eastern part of the Borough. St Mary's is named after the church in Langley. This has been a Labour/Conservative marginal ward. 2003-2004: There were two Tory and one Labour Councillors. 2004: The Independent Langley Residents won two seats and tied for the third (which the Conservative candidate won on a roll of dice, so he was credited with an additional vote).

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Langley St Mary's (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Ind. Langley Res. Neil James Arnold * 783 12.54 N/A
Ind. Langley Res. Pauline Florence Key * 769 12.32 N/A
Conservative Derek Ernest Cryer 712 11.40 N/A
Ind. Langley Res. Jeremiah Dwyer * 711 11.39 N/A
Conservative Terrence W. Brennan 691 11.07 N/A
Labour Ronald William Sibley 679 10.87 N/A
Labour Thomas William Dymock Kelly 675 10.81 N/A
Conservative Timothy Charles Williams 618 9.90 N/A
Labour Patricia J. O'Connor 606 9.71 N/A
Turnout 5,218 42.26 N/A


Upton (born 1930), part of the old parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey (in the south of the modern Borough), was an original ward which has existed in some form continuously since 1930. In the early nineteenth century Upton was a village about a mile and a half south-east of the hamlet of Slough. It is a three-seat ward. Upton was the most Conservative area of Slough until demographic change made Labour competitive. Labour won the ward for the first time ever in 1990. In 1997 Labour won two seats and the Conservatives one. 2003-2004: 2 Labour and 1 Conservative Councillors. 2004: The Conservatives won all three seats.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Upton (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Julia Thomson Long 1,141 17.65 N/A
Conservative Balwinder Singh Dhillon 985 15.24 N/A
Conservative Kevin Charles Pond 954 14.76 N/A
Labour George Henry Davidson 867 13.41 N/A
Labour Balwinder Singh Bains 865 13.38 N/A
Labour Pushpa Kharbanda 714 11.05 N/A
Green Alan Diarmid Hatch 385 5.96 N/A
Independent Thomas James King 301 4.66 N/A
UKIP John Watson Lane 252 3.90 N/A
Turnout 5,520 44.86 N/A

Wexham Lea

Wexham Lea (born 1983) is a three-member ward in the north of the Borough, to the north-east of Baylis & Stoke and the north of Central ward. It combines Wexham Court parish and an area known as Upton Lea. The ward was formerly safely Labour. 2003-2004: 1 Labour and 2 Independent Councillors. 2004: Securely held by Independent Councillors who won all three seats in 2004.

Slough Borough Council elections, 2004: Wexham Lea (3 seats)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Michael Anthony Haines * 1,384 22.19 N/A
Independent David Ian MacIsaac * 1,266 20.30 N/A
Independent Mohammed Latif Khan * 1,133 18.17 N/A
Labour Ahmad Zafar 734 11.77 N/A
Labour Azhar Qureshi 713 11.43 N/A
Labour Kathryn Zoechild 646 10.36 N/A
Conservative Stephen J. Goodfellow 361 5.79 N/A
Turnout 6,256 40.74 N/A

Members elected to Slough Borough Council 2004

Ward Party Elected Term Councillor
Baylis & Stoke Liberal Democrats 2004 2008 Rashad Javaid Butt *
Baylis & Stoke Liberal Democrats 2004 2007 Mushtaq Ahmed Hayat *
Baylis & Stoke Liberal Democrats 2004 2006 Duncan Peter Buchanan *
Britwell Ind. Britwellian Res. 2002 2008 Sean Patrick Wright *
Britwell Ind. Britwellian Res. 2002 2007 Patrick Shine *
Britwell Ind. Britwellian Res. 2003 2006 Paul Janik *
Central Conservative 2004 2008 Mohammed Aziz
Central Labour 1999 2007 Lydia Emelda Simmons (a)
Central Conservative 2004 2006 Sumander Khan
Chalvey Labour 2002 2008 Pervez Choudhry
Chalvey Labour 2001 2007 Raja Mohammad Zarait
Chalvey Labour 2004 2006 Shabana Zeib
Cippenham Green Conservative 1995 2008 William Geoffrey Howard (b)
Cippenham Green Labour 2004 2007 Michael John Holledge
Cippenham Green Labour 2002 2006 James Charles Robert Swindlehurst
Cippenham Meadows Labour 2003 2008 May Dodds
Cippenham Meadows Labour 2001 2007 Satpal Singh Parmar (c)
Cippenham Meadows Labour 2004 2006 Nimrit Chohan
Colnbrook with Poyle Conservative 2000 2008 Dexter Jerome Smith
Colnbrook with Poyle Conservative 1997 2007 Steven John Burkmar
Farnham Labour 1997 2008 Robert Anderson
Farnham Labour 2001 2007 Joginder Singh Bal
Farnham Labour 2002 2006 Sukhjit Kaur Dhaliwal
Foxborough Liberal Democrats 2000 2008 John William Edwards *
Foxborough Liberal Democrats 2004 2007 Sonja Anne Jenkins *
Foxborough Liberal Democrats 2004 2006 Robert Clive Plimmer *
Haymill Liberal 1987 2008 Richard Stanley Stokes * (d)
Haymill Liberal 1990 2007 David John Munkley *
Haymill Liberal 2004 2006 Brian Graham Hewitt *
Kedermister Labour 2002 2008 Jagjit Singh Grewal
Kedermister Labour 1988 2007 Mewa Singh Mann
Kedermister Labour 2002 2006 Christine Rita Small
Langley St Mary's Ind. Langley Res. 2004 2008 Neil James Arnold *
Langley St Mary's Ind. Langley Res. 2004 2007 Pauline Florence Key *
Langley St Mary's Conservative 2000 2006 Derek Ernest Cryer (e)
Upton Conservative 1999 2008 Julia Thomson Long (f)
Upton Conservative 2004 2007 Balwinder Singh Dhillon
Upton Conservative 2004 2006 Kevin Charles Pond
Wexham Lea Independent 2000 2008 Michael Anthony Haines * (g)
Wexham Lea Independent 2002 2007 David Ian MacIsaac *
Wexham Lea Independent 2004 2006 Mohammed Latif Khan * (h)


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