The 2004 Vale of Glamorgan Council election took place on Thursday 10 June 2004 to elect members of Vale of Glamorgan Council in Wales. This was the same day as many other local elections in Wales and England. The Conservatives remained the largest party but did not have a majority. The previous full council election was in 1999 and the next full council election was in May 2008.


Council elections in Wales were originally scheduled for May 2003, but were delayed by a year to avoid a conflict with the 2003 Wales Assembly elections.[1]

Forty-seven seats were up for election in the Vale of Glamorgan. There was an increase in electoral divisions from 22 to 23 following The County Borough of The Vale of Glamorgan (Electoral Changes) Order 2002, which had divided the Alexandra ward into two new wards (and increased the representation in Sully to two councillors).[2] The overall turnout (including spoilt ballots) was 44.4%.[1]

Election result

The Conservative Party remained the largest party following the election, though did not have a majority.[3]

Vale of Glamorgan Council election 2004[3][4]
Party Seats Gains Losses Net gain/loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
  Conservative 20 -2 42.5
  Labour 16 -2 34.0
  Plaid Cymru 8 +2 17.0
  Independent 3 +3 6.3
  Liberal Democrats 0 0 0 -1 0
  Liberal 0 0 0 0 0
  Green 0 0 0 0 0

Ward results

Ward Political group Councillor [4] Change from 1999 election
Baruc (Barry) Plaid Cymru Nicolas Hodges Plaid Cymru hold
Plaid Cymru Steffan Wiliam Plaid Cymru hold
Buttrills (Barry) Labour Margaret Alexander Labour hold
Labour Stuart Egan Labour hold
Cadoc (Barry) Labour Josephine Moore Labour hold
Labour Frederick Johnson Labour hold
Labour Neil Moore Labour hold
Castleland (Barry) Plaid Cymru Barry Shaw Plaid Cymru gain from Labour
Plaid Cymru Keith Stockdale Plaid Cymru gain from Labour
Cornerswell (Penarth) Labour Rhiannon Birch Labour gain from Conservative
Labour Nigel Gibbs Labour hold
Court (Barry) Labour Richard Bertin Labour hold
Labour Andrew Dobbinson Labour hold
Cowbridge Conservative Catherine Clay Conservative hold
Conservative Geoffrey Cox Conservative hold
Conservative Thomas Jarvie Conservative hold
Dinas Powys Plaid Cymru Christopher Franks Plaid Cymru hold
Plaid Cymru Val Hartrey Plaid Cymru hold
Plaid Cymru Margaret Randall Plaid Cymru hold
Plaid Cymru Christopher Williams Plaid Cymru hold
Dyfan (Barry) Conservative Anthony Powell Labour hold
Conservative Jennifer Cole Labour hold
Gibbonsdown (Barry) Labour Rob Curtis Labour hold
Labour Margaret Wilkinson Labour hold
Illtyd (Barry) Conservative Terry Hampton Conservative hold
Conservative Emlyn Williams Conservative hold
Conservative Janice Charles Conservative hold
Llandough Conservative Colin Osborne Conservative gain from Labour
Llandow and Ewenny Conservative William Vaughan Conservative hold
Llantwit Major Independent Gwyn John Independent gain from Conservative
Independent Eric Hacker Independent gain from Conservative
Independent Alfred Readman Independent gain from Conservative
Conservative John Clifford Conservative hold
Peterston-Super-Ely Conservative Anthony Williams Conservative hold
Plymouth (Penarth) Conservative Maureen Kelly-Owen Conservative win (new seat)
Conservative Alfred Williams Conservative win (new seat)
Rhoose Conservative Haydn James Conservative hold
Conservative Gordon Kemp Conservative hold
St Athan Conservative John Thomas Conservative hold
St Augustine's (Penarth) Labour Elisabeth Burnett Labour win (new seat)
Conservative Paul Church Conservative win (new seat)
St Brides Major Conservative Audrey Preston Conservative hold
Stanwell (Penarth) Labour Mary Birch Labour hold
Labour Mark Wilson Labour hold
Sully Conservative Anthony Ernest Conservative hold
Conservative Sarah Sharpe Conservative win (new seat)
Wenvoe Conservative Michael Harvey Conservative hold


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