2005 Nottinghamshire County Council election

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All 67 seats to Nottinghamshire County Council
34 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrats
Seats won 38 25 4
Percentage 39% 32.7% 17%

Nottinghamshire County Council election, 2005.svg
Map of the results of the election in each division. Colours denote the winning party, as shown in the main table of results.

Council control before election


Council control after election


The 2005 Nottinghamshire County Council election was held on Thursday, 5 May 2005. The whole council was up for election and the result was the Labour Party retaining its control of the council.[1][2]

Boundary changes to the electoral divisions took effect at this election, with the number of seats increased by four.

Results by division

Each electoral division returned either one, two or three county councillors. The candidates elected to the council in each electoral division are shown in the table below. "Unopposed" indicates that the councillor was elected unopposed.[2]

Electoral Division Party Councillor Votes
Arnold North Labour J. Cole 4,991
Labour J. Stocks 4,334
Arnold South Conservative R. Kempster 5,049
Labour P. Barnes 4,769
Balderton Conservative K. Walker 2,012
Beauvale Conservative J. Taylor 2,100
Beeston North Liberal Democrat S. Carr 1,942
Beeston South & Attenborough Labour P. Lally 2,363
Bingham Conservative M. Suthers 2,709
Blidworth Labour Y. Woodhead 2,579
Blyth & Harworth Labour S. Place 2,612
Bramcote & Stapleford Liberal Democrat S. Heptinstall 4,841
Liberal Democrat B. Wombwell 4,541
Calverton Conservative M. Spencer 2,799
Carlton East Labour J. Clarke 4,000
Labour J. O'Riordan 3,721
Carlton West Labour S. Creamer 4,382
Labour D. Pulk 4,200
Chilwell & Toton Conservative T. Pettengell 3,971
Conservative R. Jackson 3,920
Collingham Conservative V. Dobson 3,130
Cotgrave Conservative R. Butler 2,333
Eastwood Labour E. Lodziak 2,225
Farndon & Muskham Conservative S. Saddington 2,509
Farnsfield & Lowdham Conservative A. Stewart 3,618
Hucknall Labour D. Shaw 6,619
Labour C. Baron 6,576
Labour N. Smedley 6,566
Keyworth Conservative J. Cottee 3,009
Kimberley & Trowell Liberal Democrat K. Rigby 2,202
Kirkby-in-Ashfield North Labour J. Knight 1,897
Kirkby-in-Ashfield South Labour Y. Davidson 2,457
Mansfield East Labour G. Kane 3,997
Labour C. Winterton 2,854
Mansfield North Labour J. Bosjnak 3,900
Labour P. Tsimbiridis 2,878
Mansfield South Labour A. Haynes 3,358
Labour K. Wakefield 2,420
Mansfield West Labour J. Carter 4,084
Labour N. Henshaw 3,768
Misterton Conservative K. Bullivant 4,172
Newark East Conservative P. Prebble 1,865
Newark West Conservative K. Girling 1,868
Newstead Conservative J. Lonergan 3,319
Nuthall Conservative P. Owen 1,945
Ollerton Labour S. Smedley Unopposed
Radcliffe-on-Trent Conservative K. Cutts 3,631
Retford East Labour M. Storey 2,675
Retford West Labour J. Napier 2,343
Ruddington Conservative R. Adair 2,805
Rufford Labour A. Freeman 2,909
Selston Labour J. Taylor 2,523
Soar Valley Conservative L. Sykes 2,932
Southwell & Caunton Conservative R. Laughton 3,739
Sutton-in-Ashfield Central Labour E. Llewellyn-Jones 2,301
Sutton-in-Ashfield East Labour S. Carroll 2,364
Sutton-in-Ashfield North Labour D. Anthony 2,105
Sutton-in-Ashfield West Labour D. Kirkham 2,290
Tuxford Conservative J. Hempsall 4,120
Warsop Labour J. Allin 3,221
West Bridgford Central & South Conservative M. Cox 4,873
Conservative L. Cooper 4,755
West Bridgford West Conservative M. Brandon-Bravo 2,987
Worksop East Labour G. Gilfoyle 2,983
Worksop North Labour S. Fielding 2,855
Worksop North East & Carlton Labour A. Rhodes 2,913
Worksop West Labour A. Davison 2,276


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