2007 BWF World Championships
Tournament details
Dates13–19 August
VenuePutra Indoor Stadium
LocationKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2006 Madrid 2009 Hyderabad

The 2007 BWF World Championships was the 16th tournament of BWF World Championships (World Badminton Championships). It was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 13 to 19 August 2007.

Host city selection

Aarhus[1] and Kuala Lumpur were the candidates for hosting the championships. Kuala Lumpur was later announced as the host during 2005 IBF council meeting in Beijing.[2] China also expressed interest, but ultimately did not bid.[1]


Participating nations

A total of 55 countries qualified to participating in this tournament. Below is the list of countries with the parentheses indicates the number of players eligible.

Participating nations. Green: fewer than 5 players; blue: 5–9; orange: 10–14; red: 15 or more.

Notable is, Thailand is the only country announced the withdrawal from the tournament by choosing to attend the World University Games, the event which clash with the Championships, they have several players who qualified for this tournament.[3]


Medal table

  *   Host nation (Malaysia)

1 China32611
2 Indonesia2114
3 Hong Kong0101
 South Korea0101
5 Japan0022
6 Malaysia*0011
Totals (6 entries)551020


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
China Lin Dan Indonesia Sony Dwi Kuncoro China Bao Chunlai
China Chen Yu
Women's singles
China Zhu Lin Hong Kong Wang Chen China Zhang Ning
China Lu Lan
Men's doubles
Indonesia Markis Kido
Indonesia Hendra Setiawan
South Korea Jung Jae-sung
South Korea Lee Yong-dae
Malaysia Choong Tan Fook
Malaysia Lee Wan Wah
Japan Shuichi Sakamoto
Japan Shintaro Ikeda
Women's doubles
China Yang Wei
China Zhang Jiewen
China Gao Ling
China Huang Sui
China Zhang Yawen
China Wei Yili
Japan Kumiko Ogura
Japan Reiko Shiota
Mixed doubles
Indonesia Nova Widianto
Indonesia Liliyana Natsir
China Zheng Bo
China Gao Ling
Indonesia Flandy Limpele
Indonesia Vita Marissa
China Xie Zhongbo
China Zhang Yawen


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