2008 Louisiana Democratic presidential primary

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Candidate Barack Obama Hillary Clinton
Home state Illinois New York
Delegate count 33 23
Popular vote 220,632 136,925
Percentage 57.40% 35.63%

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Election results by parish.
  Barack Obama
  Hillary Clinton

The 2008 Louisiana Democratic presidential primary took place on February 9, 2008, and had 56 delegates at stake. The winner in each of Louisiana's seven congressional districts was awarded all of that district's delegates, totaling 37. Another 29 delegates were awarded to the statewide winner, Barack Obama. The 56 delegates represented Louisiana at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. Ten other unpledged delegates, known as superdelegates, also attended the convention and cast their votes as well.


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2008 Louisiana Democratic Presidential Primary Results
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Delegates
Democratic Barack Obama 220,632 57.40% 33
Democratic Hillary Clinton 136,925 35.63% 23
Democratic John Edwards 13,026 3.39% 0
Democratic Joe Biden 6,178 1.61% 0
Democratic Bill Richardson 4,257 1.11% 0
Democratic Christopher Dodd 1,924 0.50% 0
Democratic Dennis Kucinich 1,404 0.37% 0
Totals 384,346 100.00% 56
Voter turnout %


With its heavily African American population, Barack Obama solidly defeated Hillary Clinton in Louisiana. According to exit polls, 48 percent of voters in the Louisiana Democratic Primary were African Americans and they opted for Obama by a margin of 86-13 compared to the 47 percent of white voters who backed Clinton by a margin of 58-30. Obama won all age groups and educational attainment levels in Louisiana except senior citizens aged 65 and over and those who did not complete high school. Obama won voters who identified as Democrats and those who identified as Republicans as well as Independents and all ideological groups. Regarding religion, Obama won all major denominations, including Roman Catholics, a group that often strongly backed Clinton nationwide.

Obama did best in the more rural counties in Louisiana which are majority-African American. He also performed extremely well in the urban areas of New Orleans, Shreverport-Bossier City, and Lake Charles. Obama also performed extremely well in Cajun Country. Clinton did best in the areas north of New Orleans and east of Baton Rouge in the 1st Congressional District, which is among the most conservative in Louisiana and the South at large. She also performed well in rural counties in Central Louisiana and those along the Louisiana-Texas border that are majority white. John Edwards finished in third, securing only about 3.4% of the vote and no delegates.

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