2008 Summer Paralympics medals
LocationBeijing,  China
Most gold medals China (89)
Most total medals China (211)
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Six medals are shown to display the front and back of each. From left to right, silver, gold and bronze.
The front and reverse of each medal from the 2008 Summer Paralympics

The medal table of the 2008 Summer Paralympics ranks the participating National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) by the number of gold medals won by their athletes during the competition. The 2008 Paralympics was the thirteenth Games to be held, a quadrennial competition open to athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities. The games were held in Beijing, People's Republic of China, from 6 September to 17 September 2008.[1]

Some 3,951 athletes from 146 NPCs participated in 472 events in 20 sports, with Burundi, Gabon, Georgia, Haiti and Montenegro making their Paralympic debuts. This set new records for both the number of NPCs competing and the number of athletes overall.[1] The design of the medals was similar to those awarded in the 2008 Summer Olympics,[2] featuring jade discs inserted into the medals themselves, with different color discs included for the three types of medals. A total of 21 designs were submitted from designers from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University and the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation, with the final design approved in the autumn of 2007.[3]

Athletes from a record 76 NPCs won medals, leaving 70 NPCs without a medal.[4] Athletes from Croatia,[5] Mongolia,[6] Saudi Arabia,[7] Singapore[8] and Venezuela won their first ever gold medals.[9] Host China topped the medal table with 211 medals in total, including 89 gold medals, while Great Britain placed second with 102 medals, including 42 golds.[1][10] Canadian wheelchair racer Chantal Petitclerc, S9 swimmers Natalie du Toit and Matthew Cowdrey, from South Africa and Australia respectively, each won five gold medals at the 2008 Games.[4] Brazilian S5 swimmer Daniel Dias won the most individual medals overall,[11] a total of nine medals, comprising four golds, four silvers and a bronze.[1]

Medal table

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Two men wearing yellow outfits standing next to a woman with medals around her neck.
Daniel Dias (center left), who won nine medals overall at the 2008 Games, with President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff
A woman with dark hair wearing a black outfit against a black background, she holds a microphone.
Canadian wheelchair racer Chantal Petitclerc won five gold medals at the 2008 Games.
A disabled Caucasian sprinter running on running blades, he wears the green and yellow of South Africa.
Sprinter Oscar Pistorius won three gold medals for South Africa at the 2008 Paralympics.[12]
A man wearing sunglasses and a white and blue tracksuit with medals around his neck.
British para-dressage rider Lee Pearson wearing his medals from the 2008 Paralympics

The ranking in this table is based on information provided by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and is consistent with IPC convention in its published medal tables. By default, the table is ordered by the number of gold medals the athletes from a nation have won (in this context, a "nation" is an entity represented by a National Paralympic Committee). The number of silver medals is taken into consideration next and then the number of bronze medals. If nations are still tied, equal ranking is given and they are listed alphabetically by IPC country code.

In the judo competition, an additional thirteen bronze medals were awards as the losing competitors in both of the semi-finals were each awarded a medal rather than having a playoff bout to decide the medallist.[13] The swimming also saw multiple instances of the same medals being awarded, in the women's 100m backstroke S10, both Sophie Pascoe and Shireen Sapiro swam a dead heat in the final and were both awarded a gold medal, resulting in no silver medal being given that for event. In both the women's 400, freestyle S13 and the men's 100m butterfly S11, two bronze medals were awarded each as two swimmers set the same time in third place.[13]

  *   Host nation (Host nation (China))

2008 Summer Paralympics medal table
1 China (CHN)*897052211
2 Great Britain (GBR)422931102
3 United States (USA)36352899
4 Ukraine (UKR)24183274
5 Australia (AUS)23292779
6 South Africa (RSA)213630
7 Canada (CAN)19102150
8 Russia (RUS)18232263
9 Brazil (BRA)16141747
10 Spain (ESP)15212258
11 Germany (GER)14252059
12 France (FRA)12211952
13 South Korea (KOR)1081331
14 Mexico (MEX)103720
15 Tunisia (TUN)99321
16 Czech Republic (CZE)631827
17 Japan (JPN)514827
18 Poland (POL)5121330
19 Netherlands (NED)510722
20 Greece (GRE)591024
21 Belarus (BLR)57113
22 Iran (IRI)56314
23 Cuba (CUB)53614
24 New Zealand (NZL)53412
 Sweden (SWE)53412
26 Hong Kong (HKG)53311
27 Kenya (KEN)5319
28 Italy (ITA)47718
29 Egypt (EGY)44412
30 Nigeria (NGR)4419
31 Algeria (ALG)43815
32 Morocco (MAR)4127
33 Austria (AUT)4116
34 Switzerland (SUI)32611
35 Denmark (DEN)3249
36 Ireland (IRL)3115
37 Croatia (CRO)3104
38 Azerbaijan (AZE)23510
39 Slovakia (SVK)2316
40 Finland (FIN)2226
41 Thailand (THA)15713
42 Portugal (POR)1427
43 Norway (NOR)1337
44 Cyprus (CYP)1214
45 Latvia (LAT)1203
46 Singapore (SIN)1124
 Venezuela (VEN)1124
48 Saudi Arabia (KSA)1102
49 Hungary (HUN)1056
50 Chinese Taipei (TPE)1012
 Turkey (TUR)1012
52 Mongolia (MGL)1001
53 Israel (ISR)0516
54 Angola (ANG)0303
55 Jordan (JOR)0224
56 Lithuania (LTU)0202
 Serbia (SRB)0202
58 Argentina (ARG)0156
59 Slovenia (SLO)0123
60 Bulgaria (BUL)0112
 Colombia (COL)0112
 Iraq (IRQ)0112
63 Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)0101
 Pakistan (PAK)0101
 Papua New Guinea (PNG)0101
 Romania (ROU)0101
 United Arab Emirates (UAE)0101
68 Lebanon (LIB)0022
69 Belgium (BEL)0011
 Estonia (EST)0011
 Jamaica (JAM)0011
 Laos (LAO)0011
 Malaysia (MAS)0011
 Namibia (NAM)0011
 Puerto Rico (PUR)0011
 Syria (SYR)0011
Totals (76 entries)4734714871431

Changes in medal standings

List of changes in medal standings
Ruling date Sport Event NPC Gold Silver Bronze Total
14 September 2008 Athletics Women's discus throw F37-38  Great Britain (GBR) -1 -1
 Australia (AUS) +1 -1
 China (CHN) +1 +1

On 14 September 2008, Rebecca Chin was stripped of the silver medal she had won in the F37-38 discus competition. The IPC overruled a change in her classification made earlier in the month, making her ineligible to have won the medal as she was reclassified as a F44 competitor.[14]

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