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2009 European Parliament election in Latvia

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8 seats to the European Parliament

The 2009 European Parliament election in Latvia involved the election of the delegation from Latvia to the European Parliament in 2009. 17 lists containing a total of 185 candidates were registered for the election.

The election was conducted according to the party-list proportional representation system, with at least 5% of votes necessary to gain seats in the parliament. Voters were given 17 ballot papers, one for each party and had the opportunity to approve of candidates on their chosen list by adding a plus or disapprove by crossing out candidates.


Civic Union 192,53724.782New3+1
Harmony Centre154,89419.932+220
For Human Rights in United Latvia76,4369.841010
Latvia's First Party/Latvian Way59,3267.631010
For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK58,9917.591–310
New Era Party52,7516.791–110
Society for Political Change30,4443.920New00
Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party30,0043.860000
Union of Greens and Farmers29,4633.790000
All for Latvia!22,2402.860000
People's Party 21,9682.830–100
Action Party3,3730.430New00
Christian Democratic Union2,3610.300000
Osipova Party2,1020.270New00
Latvian Rebirth Party1,7120.220New00
Valid votes777,08498.17
Invalid/blank votes14,5131.83
Total votes791,597100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,484,78153.31
Source: CVK, European Elections Database

Elected MEPs