2011 Miami-Dade County mayoral recall election
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The 2011 Miami-Dade County mayoral recall election was a recall election that saw the voters of Miami-Dade County, Florida vote to remove mayor of Miami-Dade County Carlos Álvarez from office.

The election was held coincidingly with a vote that also saw Miami-Dade county commissioner Natacha Seihjas also successfully recalled.[1]

In terms of population, the county was considered the largest United States municipality to recall its executive.[2][3] The county was also, at the time, the second-largest recall vote of any kind in the United States, after the 2003 California gubernatorial recall election.[4]

Months after the vote, a special election was held to fill the vacant mayoralty.[5]


The recall effort against Mayor Álvarez began in late-September 2011, shortly after the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners passed a budget which both raised property taxes and increased the salaries of county employees.[1][6] The property tax increase was harshly received by voters of the county, who were still notably reeling from the impact of the Great Recession.[7]

The recall effort was led and financially-backed by billionaire Norman Braman.[6][7][8]

Election results

2011 Miami-Dade County mayoral recall election[9]
Vote on recall Votes Percentage
checkY Yes 183,652 88.10
No 24,796 11.90
Totals 208,448 100
Voter turnout 17.20%


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