The 2012 Gloucester City Council local elections took place on 3 May 2012 to elect members of Gloucester City Council in Gloucester, England.[1] This was on the same day as other United Kingdom local elections were taking place across the country. At the previous Gloucester local elections in 2011, the first after the 2010 general election, of which the result was a hung parliament and subsequently, a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government was formed, both parties shared similar success, winning 9 out of the total 11 seats available (the Conservatives with 6 seats, the Liberal Democrats with 3).[2]

The citywide results were as follows:[3]

Election results by party
Party name Seats won Percentage of votes
The Conservative Party 4 37%
The Labour Party 4 33%
Liberal Democrats 2 23%
UK Independence Party 0 4%
The Green Party 0 2%
Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 0 < 1%

Turnout for the election was 32%,[3] down 7% from the previous year.[2] 7 wards from the 2011 elections were contested once more in the 2012 elections. Out of these 7 wards, only 1 gain was made, with Labour gaining control of the Barton and Tredworth seat from the Conservative incumbent.

The results, by ward:[4]

Election results by ward
Ward Elected candidate Elected party or parties
Abbey Gordon Taylor The Conservative Party
Barnwood Lise Noakes The Conservative Party
Barton and Tredworth Usman Bhaimia The Labour Party
Elmbridge Susan A. Witts Liberal Democrats
Grange Christopher Harry Chatterton The Labour Party
Hucclecote David Brown Liberal Democrats
Longlevens Jim Porter The Conservative Party
Matson and Robinswood Mary Smith The Labour Party
Moreland Mark Hobbs The Labour Party
Tuffley Gerard Dee The Conservative Party


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