2017 Honduran Supercup
Poster of the event
EventHonduran Supercup
Date2 August 2017
VenueEstadio Francisco Morazán, San Pedro Sula
RefereeOrlando Hernández
28.3 °C (83 °F)

The 2017 Honduran Supercup was a match arranged by the Honduran Liga Nacional and the Honduran Cup which took place on 2 August 2017 between C.D. Marathón, winners of the 2017 Honduran Cup and F.C. Motagua, overall winners of the 2016–17 Liga Nacional season. This was the first official edition of the Honduran Supercup and the 5th overall.

Qualified teams

Team Method of qualification Appearances
Marathón Winners of 2017 Honduran Cup 1st
Motagua Winners of 2016–17 Honduran Liga Nacional 2nd


F.C. Motagua qualified as overall winners of the 2016–17 Honduran Liga Nacional after winning both the Apertura and Clausura tournaments. This was the first appearance for Motagua since 1999. Meanwhile, for C.D. Marathón, this was their first ever appearance in a Honduran Supercup. They qualified as winners of the 2017 Honduran Cup where they defeated C.D. Gimnástico 3–0 in the final match.

The previous match between both sides ended with a 1–2 away victory to Motagua at Estadio Yankel Rosenthal on 12 April 2017 in a league encounter.[1]


In a rainy night, the game started at 19:10 CST. The rules of the game allowed the teams to make a maximum of five substitutions.[2] After a 0–0 drawn in the first half, the goals came in the final minutes of the match. With two goals from Erick Andino (67) and Félix Crisanto (77), F.C. Motagua harvested a comfortable advantage in the score. However, Júnior Lacayo got in the score-sheet for C.D. Marathón seven minutes to regulation but were unable to level. With the win, Motagua obtained the first official Honduran Supercup in history.[3][4][5]

2 August 2017 Marathón 1–2 Motagua San Pedro Sula, Cortés
19:00 CST Lacayo Goal 83' Goal 67' Andino
Goal 77' Crisanto
Stadium: Estadio Francisco Morazán
Referee: Orlando Hernández
GK 29 Panama José Calderón
DF 2 Honduras Bryan Bernárdez Substituted off 52'
DF 3 Honduras Samuel Córdova
DF 4 Brazil Caue Fernandes
DF 12 Honduras José Perdomo
DF 23 Honduras Johnny Leverón
MF 16 Honduras Allan Banegas
MF 19 Honduras Mario Berríos Substituted off 69'
MF 27 Colombia Yustin Arboleda Substituted off 75'
FW 8 Honduras Júnior Lacayo
MF 48 Honduras Cristhian Cálix Substituted off 62'
FW 24 Cuba Yaudel Lahera Substituted in 52'
MF 17 Honduras Wilmer Fuentes Substituted in 69'
MF 10 Honduras Joshua Vargas Substituted in 75'
MF 6 Honduras John Suazo Substituted in 81'
Argentina Héctor Vargas
GK 19 Argentina Jonathan Rougier
DF 2 Honduras Juan Montes
DF 5 Honduras Marcelo Pereira
DF 6 Honduras Reinieri Mayorquín Substituted off 66'
DF 27 Honduras Félix Crisanto
DF 31 Honduras Klifox Bernárdez
MF 8 Honduras Walter Martínez Substituted off 46'
MF 16 Honduras Héctor Castellanos
FW 10 Honduras Erick Andino Substituted off 80'
FW 11 Honduras Marco Vega Substituted off 86'
FW 34 Honduras Kevin López Substituted off 66'
MF 7 Honduras Carlos Discua Substituted in 46'
MF 23 Honduras Deybi Flores Substituted in 66'
DF 18 Honduras Wilmer Crisanto Substituted in 66'
DF 12 Honduras Raúl Santos Substituted in 80'
FW 9 Honduras Román Castillo Substituted in 86'
Argentina Diego Vásquez

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