2018 Central American and Caribbean Games
2018 Central American and Caribbean Games logo.svg
Host cityBarranquilla
Country Colombia
Nations participating37
Athletes participating5854
Opening ceremony19 July
Closing ceremony3 August
Officially opened byJuan Manuel Santos
President of Colombia
Main venueEstadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez
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The 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games were held in Barranquilla, Colombia.[1]

Bidding process

Quetzaltenango was the only city to meet CACSO's January 2012 deadline to bid for the Games,[2] and on October 29, 2012 it was named the host city.[1]

Guatemala last hosted the Games in 1950 (in Guatemala City); Central America last hosted in 2002 (in San Salvador, El Salvador). Panajachel would be the venue for sailing, open water swimming and triathlon.[3][4] Quetzaltenango was officially stripped from its hosting rights in May 2014.[5]

Meanwhile, the Colombian City of Santiago de Cali has sent a formal request to the CACSO committee to host the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games (due to the success of the 2013 World Games) in case that Quetzaltenango was unable to meet with the event's logistics. In addition, sports venues in Santiago de Cali were completely built and in excellent condition, while Quetzaltenango was having delays in its venue preparation.[6]

A second bidding phase was opened to find the new hosts for the Games. Panama City (Panama),[citation needed] Puerto la Cruz (Venezuela),[7] and Barranquilla (Colombia)[8] were bidding to host the Games. Barranquilla was voted as the hosts for the Games during a CACSO meeting in Veracruz, Mexico.[9]


Medal table

  *   Host nation (Colombia)

1 Mexico13211891341
2 Cuba1027268242
3 Colombia*799497270
4 Venezuela344873155
5 Dominican Republic252953107
6 Guatemala21224184
7 Puerto Rico20293887
8 Jamaica1241127
9 Trinidad and Tobago981330
10 Bahamas4217
11 Panama35513
12 El Salvador251118
13 Aruba2169
14 Barbados2046
15 Costa Rica161926
16 British Virgin Islands1113
17 Suriname1012
18 Saint Lucia1001
19 Bermuda0213
20 Honduras0156
21 Saint Kitts and Nevis0112
22 Grenada0101
24 Nicaragua0099
25 Cayman Islands0033
26 Antigua and Barbuda0011
 U.S. Virgin Islands0011
Totals (30 nations)4514505571458


The following 37 nations took part. For the first time in the Central American and Caribbean Games, six Caribbean territories of European Countries competed, having reached agreement with ODACABE. These territories being: the three French territories of Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guiana, the British Territory of Turks and Caicos, and the two Dutch territories of Curaçao and Sint Maarten. [10]

The numbers in parentheses represents the number of athletes entered.

Participating Nations


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