2020 Mongolian legislative election
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76 seats in the State Great Khural
39 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats +/–
MPP Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh 44.93 62 -3
DP Erdene Sodnomzundui 24.5 11 +2
Our Coalition Nambaryn Enkhbayar 8.1 1 0
RPEC Badrakhyn Naidalaa 5.2 1 New
Independent 8.7 1 0
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Electoral district map of Mongolian legislative election 2020.svg
Constituencies won
MPP Democratic
Our Coalition RPEC Independent
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh
Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh

Parliamentary elections were held in Mongolia on 24 June 2020.[1][2] The result was a victory for the ruling Mongolian People's Party, which won 62 of the 76 seats, a slight decrease from the 65 won in the 2016 elections.

Electoral system

The 76 members of the State Great Khural will be elected by plurality-at-large voting in multi-member constituencies. The electoral system was not decided until a new electoral law was passed on 22 December 2019.[3] The changes were expected to marginalise smaller parties, and also effectively removed the right of 150,000 Mongolian expatriates to vote, as they could not be registered in a specific constituency.[3][4] The new electoral law also barred people found guilty of "corrupt practices" from standing in elections.[3]

Women's right activists called for raising gender quota for nominations from 20% to 30% but they failed.[5] Currently, female legislators make up 17% (13 seats) in the parliament, the highest number since the first democratic elections in 1990.

Parties and coalitions

606 candidates are officially registered by the General Election Committee of Mongolia running for the election, of whom 121 are independents and 485 candidates from following 13 political parties and 4 coalitions:[6]

Multiple candidates were arrested during the election campaign. Among them, two were running from the governing MPP, three were candidates of the opposition DP[7] and one was a candidate of the Keep Order! Constitution 19 Coalition.

Opinion polls

Date Pollster MPP DP MPRP Coalition NC RP Other Undecided No party
June 2020 Sant Maral 45.2% 29.4% 14.0% 8.7% 2.7%


The Mongolian People's Party won with a supermajority of 62 seats, a slight drop from the 65 won in the prior elections. The centre-right Democratic Party won 11 seats. The candidate of Our Coalition, former State Great Khural member and vice chairperson of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party Sainkhüügiin Ganbaatar, won a seat, as did candidate of the Right Person Electorate Coalition and Chairperson of the National Labour Party Togmidyn Dorjkhand. Former Prime Minister of Mongolia Norovyn Altankhuyag won one seat as an Independent candidate.[8] 

Mongolie Grand Khoural d
Mongolian People's Party1,795,79344.9362–3
Democratic Party978,89024.4911+2
Our Coalition323,6758.1010
United Coalition of Just Citizens213,8125.350New
Right Person Electorate Coalition209,1045.231New
Keep Order! Constitution 19 Coalition41,4171.040New
Mongolian Green Party23,4730.5900
Love the People Party18,5420.4600
People's Majority Party13,7200.340New
Zon Olny Nam8,7100.220
Freedom Implementing Party5,1420.1300
Ger Area Development Party4,1760.100New
Ikh Ev Nam4,1180.100New
Development Programme Party3,5210.090New
People's Party3,3330.080New
World Mongols Party5910.010New
United Patriots Party4480.0100
Total votes1,475,895
Registered voters/turnout2,003,96973.65
Source: General Election Committee of Mongolia, Ikon


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