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The 2021 Italian local elections were held on 3 and 4 October. Originally scheduled as usual between 15 April and 15 June with run-offs two weeks later,[1] the Government of Italy announced on 4 March that they were postponed to after the summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy.[2] Elections took place in 1,293 out of 7,903 municipalities, 20 of which are provincial capitals. Mayors and city councils have been elected for the ordinary five-year terms, lasting till 2026.

Voting system

The voting system is used for all mayoral elections in Italy in the cities with a population higher than 15,000 inhabitants. Under this system, voters express a direct choice for the mayor or an indirect choice voting for the party of the candidate's coalition. If no candidate receives 50% of votes during the first round, the top two candidates go to a second round after two weeks. The winning candidate obtains a majority bonus equal to 60% of seats. During the first round, if no candidate gets more than 50% of votes but a coalition of lists gets the majority of 50% of votes or if the mayor is elected in the first round but its coalition gets less than 40% of the valid votes, the majority bonus cannot be assigned to the coalition of the winning mayor candidate.

The election of the City Council is based on a direct choice for the candidate with a maximum of two preferential votes, each for a different gender, belonging to the same party list: the candidate with the majority of the preferences is elected. The number of the seats for each party is determined proportionally, using D'Hondt seat allocation. Only coalitions with more than 3% of votes are eligible to get any seats.[3]


Mayoral election results

Cities Population Incumbent mayor Party Coalition Elected mayor Party Coalition Seats
Benevento 58,338 Clemente Mastella NC Centre-right Clemente Mastella NC Centrist
20 / 32
Bologna 395,416 Virginio Merola PD Centre-left Matteo Lepore PD Centre-left
25 / 36
Carbonia 26,813 Paola Massidda M5S M5S Pietro Morittu PD Centre-left
17 / 24
Caserta 73,984 Carlo Marino PD Centre-left Carlo Marino PD Centre-left
20 / 32
Cosenza 65,623 Mario Occhiuto FI Centre-right Franz Caruso PSI Centre-left
20 / 32
Grosseto 81,912 Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna Independent Centre-right Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna Independent Centre-right
20 / 32
Isernia 21,267 Giacomo D'Apollonio FdI Right-wing Piero Castrataro Independent Centre-left
20 / 32
Latina 127,037 Damiano Coletta IiC Civic lists Damiano Coletta IiC Centre-left
11 / 32
Milan 1,406,242 Giuseppe Sala EV Centre-left Giuseppe Sala EV Centre-left
31 / 48
Naples 948,850 Luigi De Magistris DemA Left-wing Gaetano Manfredi Independent Centre-left
28 / 40
Novara 103,287 Alessandro Canelli Lega Right-wing Alessandro Canelli Lega Centre-right
23 / 32
Pordenone 51,733 Alessandro Ciriani Independent Centre-right Alessandro Ciriani Independent Centre-right
27 / 40
Ravenna 158,247 Michele De Pascale PD Centre-left Michele De Pascale PD Centre-left
22 / 32
Rimini 149,335 Andrea Gnassi PD Centre-left Jamil Sadegholvaad PD Centre-left
20 / 32
Rome 2,808,293 Virginia Raggi M5S M5S Roberto Gualtieri PD Centre-left
29 / 48
Salerno 131,556 Vincenzo Napoli PD Centre-left Vincenzo Napoli PD Centre-left
22 / 32
Savona 59,439 Ilaria Caprioglio Independent Centre-right Marco Russo PD Centre-left
20 / 32
Turin 857,910 Chiara Appendino M5S M5S Stefano Lo Russo PD Centre-left
24 / 40
Trieste 201,613 Roberto Dipiazza FI Centre-right Roberto Dipiazza FI Centre-right
24 / 40
Varese 80,724 Davide Galimberti PD Centre-left Davide Galimberti PD Centre-left
20 / 32

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