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2021 Nunavut general election

← 2017 On or before October 25, 2021

22 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

Incumbent Premier

Joe Savikataaq

The 2021 Nunavut general election will be held on or before October 25, 2021, to return the members of the 6th Nunavut Legislature. Since the adoption of a fixed election date law in 2014,[1] general elections in Nunavut are held in the last Monday of October in the fourth calendar year following the last elections.[2] The Legislative Assembly of Nunavut can be dissolved earlier by the Commissioner of Nunavut on the advice of the Premier of Nunavut.

Unlike most legislatures in Canada, the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut operates on a non-partisan consensus government model. Candidates in territorial elections run as independents rather than being nominated by political parties. The premier and executive council are then selected internally by the MLAs at the first special sitting of the new legislative session.


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