The 2023 Guildford Borough Council election is scheduled to take place on 4 May 2023 to elect members of Guildford Borough Council in England. This is on the same day as other local elections.[1]

Boundary Changes

The election will be contested on new ward boundaries, due to a periodic review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. The council size will remain unchanged at 48 councillors.[2]


There have been changes to the political make up of the council since the 2019 election. In the May 2021 local elections three by-elections were held simultaneously to fill vacancies on the council (two due to resignations, one due to the death of a councillor). However, each seat was won by the same party which has won it at the 2019 election.[3] Subsequently, in November 2021, a Liberal Democrat councillor defected to the Conservatives, taking them to 10 seats on the council and reducing the Liberal Democrats to 16.[4]

Additionally, the sole Green party councillor chose to sit as part of the R4GV group on the council shortly after the May 2019 election, but continues to be a Green party councillor.

Going in to the election, the council administration consists of a Liberal Democrats and R4GV coalition, with the Conservatives forming the main opposition party.[5]


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