2024 London mayoral election
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Elected Mayor


The 2024 London mayoral election is scheduled to be held on 2 May 2024 to elect the mayor of London. The election will take place the same day as elections to the London Assembly, as well as local elections across England and Wales. Sadiq Khan is the incumbent mayor since his first election in 2016. His second term won in 2021 will only last three years because the COVID-19 pandemic delayed elections in 2020 by one year.[1]

Electoral system

As the law currently stands, the election will use a supplementary vote system, in which voters express a first and a second preference for candidates.[2] However, in early 2021 the home secretary Priti Patel announced that the government would bring forward legislation to change the voting system used to elect all mayoral elections in England and Wales to first past the post.[3]

If the voting system changes the votes will be counted by hand instead of the electronic system used before.[2]


Labour Party

There was media speculation in 2021 as to whether incumbent mayor Sadiq Khan would run for a third term as mayor or attempt alternatively to stand for leader of the Labour Party in a future contest. Khan has stated that he would stand again for a third-term.[4][5]

Opinion polling

Prior to election period

Polling on Sadiq Khan completed in January 2022 recorded 48% thought he was doing badly as mayor and 38% thought he was doing well. This gave him a net approval rating of -10%, the first time approval polling has been negative for Khan since he took office as mayor.[6]


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