21st Century Business Herald
TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)Shen Hao[1]
FoundedJanuary 1, 2001

The 21st Century Business Herald (also spelled Twenty-first Century Business Herald;[2] abbreviation: 21CBH;[3] Chinese: 21世纪经济报道), is a Chinese business-news daily newspaper[4] published in China. It was officially launched by Shen Hao on January 1, 2001,[5] as part of the Southern Media Group.[6]


In September 2014, executives from the 21st Century Business Herald were arrested by Shanghai police,[7] who claimed they were suspected of extortion.[8]

In April 2015, the official website of 21st Century Business Herald, "21st Century Net", was ordered by the media regulator of China to cease operation because of news blackmail,[9] and the newspaper was ordered to rectify.[10] And the Chinese official said that "21st Century Net" and 21st Century Business Herald also had irregularities such as not separating editorial and business operations.[11]

In December 2015, Shen Hao, the publisher of the 21st Century Business Herald,[12] was sentenced to four years in prison for extortion.[13]


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