22nd Division
Division formation sign, a strip of black cloth on the shoulder strap.[1]
ActiveSeptember 1914–1919
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
EngagementsWorld War I

The 22nd Division was an infantry division of the British Army during World War I, raised in September 1914, from men volunteering for Lord Kitchener's New Armies. The division moved to France in September 1915, but it was transferred to Greece only one month later. It served in the Balkans Campaign for the duration of the First World War.

The 22nd Division's insignia was a solid black bar.

Unit history

The Division was one of the six created for the Third New Army on 13 September 1914. It moved to France in early September 1915 and then to Salonika in October 1915 seeing action in the Retreat from Serbia in December 1915, the Battle of Horseshoe Hill in August 1916, the Battle of Machukovo in September 1916 and the Battle of Doiran in April / May 1917. The Division was disbanded by 31 March 1919.[2]

Order of Battle

The following units served with the division:[2]
65th Brigade

66th Brigade

67th Brigade

Divisional Troops

Royal Artillery

Royal Engineers

Royal Army Medical Corps

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