269 (West Riding) Battery RA
20111213-U-269WRBtyRAV badge.gif
Badge of 269 (West Riding) Battery
Active1 April 1975-
CountryUnited Kingdom
Branch British Army
TypeArmy Reserve
RolePrecision fire
Size1 Battery (Company strength)
Part of101st (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery
Garrison/HQCarlton Barracks, Leeds
Nickname(s)The West Riding Gunners
Motto(s)Semper vigilantes (Always vigilant) (Latin)
ColorsYellow, white, and blue
MarchBritish Grenadiers
AnniversariesYorkshire Day (1 August)
St Barbara's Day (4 December)
EquipmentGuided Multiple Launch Rocket System
EngagementsBosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Iraq, Afghanistan Operation TELIC, Operation HERRICK
Battery CommanderMaj William Jagger RA
Tactical Recognition Flash
Royal Artillery

269 (West Riding) Battery Royal Artillery is part of 101st (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery, an artillery regiment of the British Army.


The battery was formed as 269 (West Riding) Observation Post Battery Royal Artillery (Volunteers) in April 1975 at Leeds from a cadre of the West Riding Regiment RA (Territorials).[1] Its role was to provide observation teams to support 1st Armoured Division and 2nd Armoured Division in Germany. In 1989 the battery re-roled to the 105 mm light gun and in 1993 it joined 19th Regiment Royal Artillery, a regular regiment in 24 Airmobile Brigade. In July 1999 it re-roled as an air defence battery equipped with the Rapier surface-to-air missile system within 106th (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery.[1] In 2006 it transferred to 101st (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery[2] where it was given a Surveillance and Target Acquisition role.[3] Under Army 2020, it is re-roling to the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System.[4]

The unit is based in Carlton Barracks, Leeds.[5]


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