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269. Infanterie-Division
German 269th Infantry Division
ActiveAugust 1939 – May 1945
Country Nazi Germany
EngagementsWorld War II

The 269th Infantry Division was a major fighting formation of the German Army (Wehrmacht). It was created in August 1939, and first saw combat in the Battle of France, and was then posted to occupation duties in Denmark. In the summer of 1941 the division advanced towards Leningrad in operation Barbarossa as part of Army Group North. Following the final drive on the city and the subsequent siege, the division spent the winter and the next summer in defensive action along the Volkov river front, combating repeated Soviet attempts to restore land communications to Leningrad.

Column from Infantry Regiment 490
Column from Infantry Regiment 490

In December 1942 the division was transferred to Norway, where it remained for the next two years. The division returned to action in November 1944, firstly in the west against the US forces and finally as a Battlegroup (Kampfgruppe) back in the east where the remains of the division finally surrendered to the Soviet forces in May 1945 at the end of the war.

Commanding officers

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