The 280th Infantry Division (German: 280. Infanterie-Division) was an infantry division of the German Heer during World War II. Initially, the deployment of the 280th Infantry Division was ordered in May 1940, but aborted in June of that same year. The division was deployed a second time in 1942 and served in occupied Norway until 1945.


First deployment, 1940

On 22 May 1940, the divisions of the tenth Aufstellungswelle, including the 280th Infantry Division, were ordered to deploy by 1 July in anticipation of a prolonged campaign in the west. However, as France agreed to an armistice on 22 June, the divisions of the tenth wave were no longer necessary, and their deployment was aborted. The regiments initially intended for the 280th Infantry Division, the Infantry Regiments 556, 557, and 558, as well as the Artillery Detachment 280, returned to their reserve formations.[1]

Second deployment, 1942 – 1945

Another division named 280th Infantry Division was deployed on 22 April 1942 in the west of occupied Norway, in the Stavanger sector.[1] The initial commander of the 280th Infantry Division was Karl Beeren, appointed on 27 April 1942.[2]

The division was poorly equipped throughout its history; it had no reconnaissance, Panzerjäger, or field replacement formations, and its artillery consisted of four captured French 100mm guns.[2]

In September 1943, the 280th Infantry Division consisted of the following elements:[1]

In September 1944, the divisional headquarters were moved from Stavanger to Bergen.[2]

On 10 November 1944, Beeren was replaced as divisional commander by Johann de Boer.[2]

In early 1945, the 280th Infantry Division consisted of the following elements:[1]

On 9 May 1945, the day after German surrender, the division capitulated not having had seen any major combat between 1942 and 1945.[2]

Superior formations

Organizational chart of the 280th Infantry Division[1]
Year Month Army Corps Army Army Group Area[1][2]
1942 May – December LXX Army Corps Armee Norwegen None. Stavanger
1943 January – December
1944 January – August
September – December Bergen
1945 January – April 20th Mountain Army

Noteworthy individuals


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