December 2017 Kabul suicide bombing
Part of War in Afghanistan
LocationTebyan Cultural Centre, Kabul, Afghanistan
Date28 December 2017
TargetShia Muslims
Attack type
Suicide bombing
PerpetratorsIslamic State – Khorasan Province
MotiveSunni fundamentalism

The December 2017 Kabul suicide bombing occurred on 28 December 2017, when militants attacked a Shiite cultural centre in Kabul, Afghanistan.[1][2] The attack killed 50 people and injured over 80.[3]

The major explosion of the attack occurred in the Tebyan Cultural centre (also spelled "Tabayan Cultural Centre" and "Tabian Cultural Centre"), a Shia cultural organisation, located in the Shia-dominated Dashte Barchi area of Kabul.[4][5] The cultural centre also housed the Afghan Voice Agency, with victims including journalists and university students. The bombing occurred during a discussion held to mark the 38th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.[4][6] The interior ministry of Afghanistan stated that two other explosions occurred soon afterwards, but did not cause any fatalities.[4] Among those killed were two children. Most of those injured were suffering from burns.[5] Photographs taken by eyewitnesses showed significant damage to the targeted building.[5]

The so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attack in an online statement released by the Amaq News Agency, operated by ISIL. The attack is among a series that has targeted Afghanistan's Shia minority, who are seen as heretics by the Islamic State.[1][4][5] According to the United Nations, 12 attacks have targeted Shiites in Afghanistan since the beginning of 2016, in which more than 700 people have been killed.[5] The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack soon after it occurred. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani described the incident as an "unpardonable" crime against humanity".[4][5]


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