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29th British Academy Film Awards
Best FilmAlice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Best ActorAl Pacino
Dog Day Afternoon and
The Godfather Part II
Best ActressEllen Burstyn
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Most awardsAlice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (4)
Most nominationsAlice Doesn't Live Here Anymore & Jaws (7)

The 29th British Film Awards, given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 1976, honoured the best films of 1975.

Winners and nominees

BAFTA Fellowship: Charlie Chaplin and Laurence Olivier

Alice Doesn't Live Here AnymoreMartin Scorsese

Stanley KubrickBarry Lyndon

Al PacinoDog Day Afternoon as Sonny Wortzik
Al PacinoThe Godfather Part II as Michael Corleone

Ellen BurstynAlice Doesn't Live Here Anymore as Alice Hyatt

Fred AstaireThe Towering Inferno as Harlee Claiborne

Diane LaddAlice Doesn't Live Here Anymore as Florence Jean Castleberry

Alice Doesn't Live Here AnymoreRobert Getchell

Barry LyndonJohn Alcott

The Day of the LocustAnn Roth

Dog Day AfternoonDede Allen

JawsJohn Williams
The Towering InfernoJohn Williams

RollerballJohn Box

Nashville – William A. Sawyer, Jim Webb, Chris McLaughlin and Richard Portman

GreatBob Godfrey

The Early Americans – Alan Pendry

  • Seven Green Bottles – Eric Morquis
Best Specialised Film

The Curiosity That Kills The Cat – Cedric Maggs

  • How An Aeroplane Flies Part I – Derek Armstrong
  • The Oil In Your Engine – Phillip Owtram
John Grierson Award

Sea Area Forties – John Armstrong

  • Leaving LilyGraham Baker
  • The Living Woodland – Ronald Eastman
  • Waiting On Weather – Ron Granville
United Nations Award

ConrackMartin Ritt

Valerie PerrineLenny as Honey Bruce


Films that received multiple nominations
Nominations Film
7 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
6 Dog Day Afternoon
5 Barry Lyndon
4 The Godfather Part II
The Towering Inferno
3 The Day of the Locust
2 The Man Who Would Be King
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
Films that received multiple awards
Awards Film
4 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
2 Barry Lyndon
Dog Day Afternoon
The Towering Inferno

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