306th Tactical Fighter Squadron
306 Squadron Mitsubishi F-15s (2009)
ActiveJune 30, 1981-present
Country Japan
Branch Japan Air Self-Defense Force
Part ofCentral Air Defense Force, 6th Air Wing
Garrison/HQKomatsu Air Base
Aircraft flown
FighterMitsubishi F-15J/DJ
TrainerKawasaki T-4

The 306th Tactical Fighter Squadron (第306飛行隊 (dai-sann-byaku-roku-hikoutai)) is a squadron of the 6th Air Wing of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JSDAF) based at Komatsu Air Base, in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It is equipped with Mitsubishi F-15J/DJ and Kawasaki T-4 aircraft.[1][2]


The 306th Tactical Fighter Squadron was founded on at Hyakuri Air Base on December 1, 1981 with F-4EJ aircraft. The squadron was the successor to the Lockheed F-104J/DJ Starfighter-equipped 205th Tactical Fighter Squadron. It was the sixth and final squadron of the JASDF to be equipped with the F-4. One of the aircraft (17–8440) was the last of the 5,195 F-4 Phantoms to be produced. It was manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on May 21, 1981. "The Final Phantom" later transferred to the 301st Tactical Fighter Squadron.[3] In 1989 the squadron's aircraft were upgraded to F-4EJ Kai standard. In 1997 it converted from the F-4 and became the eighth and final of the F-15J squadrons existing at that time.[1]

The squadron has participated in overseas exercises with US and other forces. 306th squadron aircraft have taken part in the Red Flag - Alaska exercise at Eielson Air Force Base in the United States on a number of occasions, including 2012–2,[4] 2013-3,[5] and 2015-3.[6] It also participated in Cope North including in 1986, 2015[7] and 2016.[8]

In July 2018 aircraft of the squadron trained in Japanese airspace with US B-52 bombers.[9][10][11]

Tail marking

Tail marking (2016)
Tail marking (2016)

The squadron's aircraft carry a golden eagle as their tail marking, inside a stylized "6" indicating the 6th Air Wing. The golden eagle can be found in the mountains near Komatsu air base, and is also the prefectural bird of Ishikawa.[2]

Aircraft operated

F-4EJ Kai. This aircraft was the very last of the 5,195 F-4s produced worldwide (1994)
F-4EJ Kai. This aircraft was the very last of the 5,195 F-4s produced worldwide (1994)

Fighter aircraft

Liaison aircraft

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