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31 Questions
GenreGame show
Presented byDavid M. Green
StarringAnthony McCormack
Sophie Loughran
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes27
Running timeapproximately 25 minutes per episode
Production companyRMITV
Original networkC31 Melbourne
Picture format576i (SDTV)
Original release9 June 2012 (2012-06-09) –
26 July 2014 (2014-07-26)
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31 Questions was a half-hour television quiz show hosted by "comedian" David M. Green[1][2][3] and produced by RMITV in Melbourne, Australia. The show aired on C31 Melbourne,[4] Channel 44 (Adelaide), Television Sydney, West TV (Perth), 31 Digital Brisbane and Face TV (New Zealand).[5] Episodes were also uploaded to YouTube the same week they aired.[6] 28 episodes were produced between 2011 and 2014.[7][8]

The first season contained 13 episodes including the pilot.[9] After crowdfunding campaigns, Seasons 2 and 3 were produced with seven episodes[10] and eight episodes[11] respectively.

The show was filmed at RMITV Studio A[12] in Melbourne.


In many ways, 31 Questions followed the standard game show format of two contestants answer questions in different rounds for points. However, the show added a comedy element to each episode, sometimes in the form of discussion between the host and stars between rounds, coming back from the commercial breaks, and sometimes in the middle of the round. The assumption was 31 questions would be asked over the course of an episode, and the 31 was a nod to the fact the show was on Channel 31.

Each episode had routine rounds and routine jokes and gags. Examples are the "high tech" score board (a dry-erase board) to McCormack's routine sayings of, "YYYYYYYYYeeeeeesssssss!!!!!!" and, "I know ________, do you?"


Each episode of 31 Questions had a comedy opening. In season 1, the opening took place before the title credits including famous game show hosts to skits with the host David M. Green. In season 3, the opening took the form of an awkward exchange between Green and the scorekeeper Sophie Loughran. The Moderator McCormack would introduce the contestants in some exaggerated way and often mention some portion of the show he was keeping a close eye on.

General Knowledge

In this round, Green asked contestants general trivia questions. Whoever ran in first could answer. 1 point was awarded for each correct answer.

Word on the Street

Word on the Street showed videos of Green talking to people on the street who were describing something. After the descriptions, the first contestant to ring in with the item that was being described won 5 points. No points were deducted for incorrect answers.

When Is It?

Green reads a list of events that happened in a specific year in history (or in the future). As the list progresses, the events become more obvious and the point value of the answer goes down. Wrong guesses locked contestants out of that question with the remainder of the list being read for the other.

Random Round

This round was a random set of questions, ranging from "Knowing Me, Knowing You" where contestants took turns answering questions about themselves to "Philosophy Smackdown" where contestants had determine which philosopher (or songwriter) penned the quote being read to the Enigma Box where a correct response to a riddle would get the choice of 10 points or what was in a mystery box.

In season 3, there would occasionally have two random topic rounds in an episode with one of the rounds replacing "When is It?"

May the Quote be with You/The One Where They Quote the Movies

The cast quoted famous movies, contestants ring in when they knew the answer. 5 points for correct answers, no deductions for wrong answers. In season 2 and 3, the segment was renamed "The One Where They Quote the Movies" and scenes were acted out in addition to being quoted.

Anthony's Penultimate Review

Before the final round, McCormack would "review" the game play up to that point and adjust the scores in whatever way he saw fit. Usually, the adjustment would result in the scores being within a few points of each other; occasionally, the player who was previously trailing might be given enough points to take over the lead.

Super Hyper Space Lightning Round/All New Lightning Round

The final round always consisted of 62 seconds in Seasons 1 and 2 and 93 seconds in Season 3. As in the General Knowledge round, one point would be added for a correct answer, with one point deducted for a wrong answer. The player in the lead at the end of this round would win a prize, usually a cheap item bearing host Green's likeness (for instance, a calendar, or an autographed photo).

In most episodes, the Moderator would adjust the scores so that regardless of how the opening rounds were scored, the scores were essentially even prior to the beginning of the Super Hyper Space Lightning Round.


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
1139 June 2012 (2012-06-09)1 September 2012 (2012-09-01)
2727 July 2013 (2013-07-27)7 September 2013 (2013-09-07)
387 June 2014 (2014-06-07)26 July 2014 (2014-07-26)

Season 1 (2012)

Episode No. Contestants Final Score Original Airdate Prize Notes
1 Julia v. Andrew 14 - 27 9 June 2012 Autographed Headshot
  • Pilot Episode.
  • Only appearance with Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall & Melanie Valentine
  • opening features Glenn Ridge
2 Moe Hammoud v.
Tamz Byrne
32 - 30 16 June 2012 David M. Green t-shirt
  • First episode with Series Regulars
  • Audience Guy is third contestant scoring 2 points
3 Jessica Hutchinson v.
Alex Pugh
17 - 15 23 June 2012 David M. Green Mug
  • Includes the world famous punctuation/body part sketch
4 Zyl Hovena-Wanchope v.
Jane Szolcolik
13 - 16 30 June 2012 David M. Green Calendar ---
5 Naomi Chainey v.
Charles Geddes-Heketoa
19-16 7 July 2012 David M. Green Apron ---
6 Yusef Ali Dauhoo v.
Holly Kennedy
19 - 23 14 July 2012 David M. Green Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Issues with Anthony's airhorn created confusion at the end of the Super Hyper Space Lightning Round
7 Leigh Holland v.
Kat Muscat
17 - 16 21 July 2012 David M. Green Confidence Pills ---
8 Emily Brownstein v.
Nick Denner
18.5 - 18 28 July 2012 Home Version of 31 Questions
  • Closest final score of the season (unverified closest score in game show history)
  • home version appears to be a modified version of Wheel of Fortune
9 Fran Smith v.
Rob James
22 - 18 4 August 2012 David M. Green Toilet Seat
  • First non-studio opening since episode 2
10 Danny McCaughey v.
Elyce Behrsin
28.5 - 24.5 11 August 2012 David M. Green Home Pregnancy Test
11 Simon Toppin v.
Kate Gibson
24.5 - 27 18 August 2012 David M. Green Biography ---
12 Erin Vivian v.
David Swan
13 - 19 25 August 2012 David M. Green Action Figure ---
13 Josephine Forrest v.
Vincent Brown
57 - 59 1 September 2012 Dinner Date with David M. Green
  • Most points by a single contestant.
  • Most points combined in an episode.
  • In the final credits everyone has the middle initial M.

Season 2 (2013)

Episode No. Contestants Final Score Original Airdate Prize Notes
1 Declan Kelly v.
Lisa Dib
13 - 12 27 July 2013 Years Supply of David M. Greenos Breakfast Cereal
  • Money has been spent on props, graphics, and Anthony's sideburns.
2 Rowan Crockett-Johnson v.
Kelsey Berry
77 - 75 3 August 2013 David M. Green stool
  • Records broken:
    • most points by contestant
    • most points combined
3 Richard Barr v.
Simone Porter
31 - 32 10 August 2013 David M. Green Pillowcase ---
4 Lisa Gillard v.
James Rose
15 - 16 (OT) 17 August 2013 David M. Green Fishing Lure
  • Dan Ilic and Rex Hun make appearances.
  • First tie at the end of regulation with James winning the tie-breaker.
5 Rohan Mirchandaney
v. Dani Leever
23 - 22 24 August 2013 1 year to DMG Magazine
6 Ashlee Shortis v.
Simon Owens
7 - 6 31 August 2013 David M. Green Lunchbox
  • Only opening of the season not shot in-studio.
  • Lowest score in series history to date.
  • Lowest combined score.
  • First time a contestant scored in single digits.
7 Bee Marffy v.
Jesse Heath
-5.5 to -8 7 September 2013 2003 David M. Green Sex Tape
  • Alex Williamson makes a guest appearance.
  • First instance of
    • Negative final scores
    • Negative winning score
  • David somewhat sincerely thanks those who made Season 2 possible at the end of the show.

Season 3 (2014)

Episode No. Contestants Final Score Original Airdate Prize Notes
1 Doug Gordon v.
Lauren Saylor
27 - 30 7 June 2014 David M. Green Toaster
  • Special Segments: "Slow Draw" and "Confusement"
  • Scores are still kept on a dry-erase board but two monitors are mounted on the dry-erase board.
2 Chris Dean v.
Kat Puggioni
74 - 67 14 June 2014 David M. Green GPS
  • Special Segment: "The Kindness Round"
3 Josh Samuels v.
Zhanna Sichivistsa
45 - 42 21 June 2014 David M. Green Jewelry
  • Special Segments: "Round Moon" and "Out of Order"
4 Daniel Cortese v.
Chelsea Hughes
36 - 40 28 June 2014 David M. Green Dust Buster
  • Special Segment: "the Chemistry Round"
5 Zak Marrinan v.
Justine McInerney
35 - 35 5 July 2014 31 Questions Edition of Twistler, a game legal distinct from Twister
  • Special Segment: "the Round of Evil"
  • Second Time in series history there was a tie in regulation. Points weren't award but Zak won the single, sudden-death question.
6 Ashlee Shortis v.
Simon Owens
7 - 6 12 July 2014 David M. Green Lunchbox
  • Special Segment: "the Goat Round"
7 Travis Butler v.
Pia Demsky
21 - 20 19 July 2014 David M. Green Scarf
  • Special Segments: "Urban Myths" and "Wrong Number"
8 Aaron Ottobre v.
Naomi Carter
25 - 28 26 July 2014 David M. Green Brick


Antenna Awards

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2014 31 Questions Outstanding Comedy Program Nominated[13]
2019 31 Questions Best Comedy Program Nominated[14]
31 Questions Best Youth Program Nominated[14]
Sophie Loughran Best Actor in a Narrative Drama, Comedy or Sketch Nominated[14]
Joe Murray and Antonio Cafasso Outstanding Direction in a Program Nominated[14]
David M. Green Personality of the Year Nominated[14]


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