Comet Gale.jpg
Comet Gale
Discovered byWalter Frederick Gale
Discovery dateJune 7, 1927
1927 L1, 1938 L1
Orbital characteristics A
EpochJuly 1, 1938
Aphelion8.7 AU[1]
Perihelion1.18 AU[2]
Semi-major axis4.94 AU
Orbital period10.99 a
Inclination11.72 °
Next perihelionAugust 2026? (Lost)

Comet Gale is a periodic comet in the Solar System discovered by Walter Frederick Gale (Sydney, Australia) on June 7, 1927.

The second apparition was calculated for 1938, but Gale failed to find it; however, it was recalculated by Leland E. Cunningham who later recovered it for that year.

The 1949 apparition was never detected, and due to unfavourable conditions ever since it has never been recovered and it remains a lost comet.


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