3rd Canadian Film Awards
DateApril 22, 1951
LocationOdeon Theatre, Ottawa, Ontario
Hosted byMary Pickford

The 3rd Canadian Film Awards were presented on April 22, 1951 to honour achievements in Canadian film.[1] The ceremony was hosted by Mary Pickford.[1]


Honourable mention: The Oyster ManJulian Biggs, Jean Palardy
Honourable mention: Parking on This Side — University of Toronto Film Society
Honourable mention: Frontiersman — Emmanuel J. Heuer
Léo-Ernest Ouimet — "for outstanding contributions to film in Canada as a pioneer distributor, exhibitor, producer, and cameraman"
Bernard Norrish, Sitzmarks the Spot — "for an outstanding job in handling a comedy theme, a field in which few Canadians have excelled"
George Dunning and Evelyn Lambart, Family Tree — "for its outstanding animation and music score"
Morten Parker, The Fight: Science Against Cancer — "for a splendid representation of a significant social problem"
Maurice Montgrain, Winter Angling in Comfort — "for its expert handling of a 'tourist' film and excellent photography under difficult conditions"
Child Development Series — Winston Barron and Canadian Paramount News
Buffoons — Graphic Associates
Look to the Forest and Trees Are a CropNational Film Board of Canada
Power of PenniesCrawley Films
Canadian Cameo Series — Associated Screen Studios
Les Anciens canadiens — National Film Board of Canada
A Friend at the Door — National Film Board of Canada


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