3rd Assault Division
Flag of Democratic Federal Yugoslavia (used by the Partisans)
CountryDemocratic Federal Yugoslavia
BranchYugoslav Partisan Army
Size~3200 (upon formation)
Part of2nd Corps
Nickname(s)Montenegrin Division
EngagementsWorld War II in Yugoslavia
Pero Ćetković

The 3rd Assault Division (Serbo-Croatian Latin: Treća udarna divizija) was a Yugoslav Partisan division formed in Glamočko polje on 9 November 1942. Upon its formation it had around 3,200 soldiers from three brigades: 5th Proletarian Brigade, 10th Herzegovina Brigade and 1st Dalmatia Brigade. It was commanded by Pero Ćetković and its political commissar was Radomir Babić.[1] During the Case Black, the division was disestablished after suffering heavy loses. It was re-established during the late September 1943 as a part of the 2nd Corps.[2]


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