40th National Film Awards
Awarded forBest of Indian cinema in 1992
Awarded byDirectorate of Film Festivals
Presented byShankar Dayal Sharma
(President of India)
Announced on23 April 1993 (1993-04-23)
Presented on4 May 1993 (1993-05-04)
Official websitedff.nic.in
Best Feature FilmBhagavad Gita
Best Non-Feature FilmIn Search of Indian Theatre
Best BookAwara
Best Film CriticSudhir Bose
Dadasaheb Phalke AwardBhupen Hazarika
Most awardsThevar Magan (5)

The 40th National Film Awards, presented by Directorate of Film Festivals, the organisation set up by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India to felicitate the best of Indian Cinema released in the year 1992.[1] Ceremony took place in 1993.


Awards were divided into feature films, non-feature films and books written on Indian cinema.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Name of Award Image Awardee(s) Awarded As Awards
Dadasaheb Phalke Award
Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Assam, India.jpg
Bhupen Hazarika Music director Swarna Kamal, 100,000 and a Shawl

Feature films

Feature films were awarded at All India as well as regional level. For 40th National Film Awards, a Sanskrit film, Bhagavad Gita won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film and a Tamil film, Thevar Magan won the maximum number of awards (5). Following were the awards given in each category:[1]


A committee headed by Balu Mahendra was appointed to evaluate the feature films awards. Following were the jury members:[1]

All India Award

Following were the awards given:[1]

Golden Lotus Award

Official Name: Swarna Kamal[1]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)', a certificate and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Film Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Feature Film Bhagavad Gita Sanskrit Producer: T. Subbarami Reddy 50,000/-
director: G. V. Iyer 25,000/-
Citation: For successfully translating immortal philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita into a cinematic idiom.
Best Direction Padma Nadir Majhi Bengali Gautam Ghose 50,000/-
Citation: For his stunningly convincing realisation of Manik Bandopadhyay's novel into a breathtaking cinematic experience.
Best Debut Film of a Director Miss Beatty's Children English Producer: NFDC, Doordarshan and Rooks AV
Director: Pamela Rooks
25,000/- Each
Citation: For an elegantly simple and sensitive depiction of a British missionary woman who fights the devdasi system in pre-independent India.
Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment Sargam Malayalam Producer: Bhavani 40,000/-
Director: Hariharan 20,000/-
Citation: For its delightful rendering of a family saga into a heartwarming musical film.
Best Children's Film Mujhse Dosti Karoge Hindi Producer: National Center of Films for Children and Young People 30,000/-
Director: Gopi Desai 15,000/-
Citation: For its gentle handling of a child who has exciting adventures in his own social dream world.
Silver Lotus Award

Official Name: Rajat Kamal[1]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Silver Lotus Award (Rajat Kamal)', a certificate and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Film Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Second Best Feature Film Padma Nadir Majhi Bengali Producer: Government of West Bengal 30,000/-
Director: Gautam Ghose 15,000/-
Citation: For depicting the plight of boat people of the river Padma in an unforgettable experience.
Best Screenplay Sadayam Malayalam M. T. Vasudevan Nair 10,000/-
Citation: For an extremely well structured script.
Best Cinematography Miss Beatty's Children English Cameraman: Venu
Laboratory Processing: Prasad Film Laboratories
Citation: For his masterly, unobtrusive and technically excellent camera work.
Best Audiography Thevar Magan Tamil N. Pandurangan 10,000/-
Citation: For his extremely creative recording and mixing of the sound track, giving the film an added dimension.
Best Editing Sargam Malayalam M. S. Mani 10,000/-
Citation: For imparting a natural rhythm to Sargam completely in time with its musical format.
Best Art Direction Rudaali Hindi Samir Chanda 10,000/-
Citation: For its realistic recreation of the desert scape, with its requisite architectural structures, both opulent and humble.
Best Music Direction Roja Tamil A. R. Rahman 10,000/-
Citation: For the harmonious blend of western and Karnatak classical music in Roja, the separate music systems complementing each other without losing their own identities.
Best Costume Design Rudaali Hindi  • Mala Dey
 • Simple Kapadia
Citation: For the authentic designs they created to blend with the desert backdrop of Rajasthan.
Best Actor Tahader Katha Bengali Mithun Chakraborty 10,000/-
Citation: For his innovative performance which effectively captures the agony of a freedom fighter immediately after Independence.
Best Actress Rudaali Hindi Dimple Kapadia 10,000/-
Citation: For compelling interpretation of the tribulations of a lonely woman ravaged by a cruel society.
Best Supporting Actor Damini Hindi Sunny Deol 10,000/-
Citation: For his outstanding portrayal of hardened and cynical lawyer who takes on new challenges in his quest for justice.
Best Supporting Actress Thevar Magan Tamil Revathi 10,000/-
Citation: For compelling and convincing performance of an innocent village girl, giving it an effortlessly charming naturalness.
Best Child Artist Mujhse Dosti Karoge Hindi Amit Phalke 5,000/-
Citation: For the sheer joy and versatility he brings to the portrayal of a lovable lad lost in his own dream world.
Best Male Playback Singer Jeevana Chaitra
("Naadamaya Ee Lokavella")
Kannada Rajkumar 10,000/-
Citation: For his extraordinary rendering of a raga celebrating the all pervasive power of music.
Best Female Playback Singer Thevar Magan
("Inji Idupazhagi")
Tamil S. Janaki 10,000/-
Citation: For melodious rendering of an innocent love song.
Best Lyrics Roja
("Chinna Chinna Aasai")
Tamil Vairamuthu 10,000/-
Citation: For his charming, simple poem which has been become a new nursery rhyme on the lips of every child in Tamil Nadu.
Best Special Effects Angaar Hindi Shashilal K. Nair 10,000/-
Citation: For his absolutely convincing miniature work.
Best Choreography Ek Hota Vidushak Marathi Laxmibai Kolhapurkar 10,000/-
Citation: For successfully adapting a popular folk theatre form to the screen.
Best Feature Film on National Integration Roja Tamil Producer: Kavithalayaa Productions 30,000/-
Director: Mani Ratnam 15,000/-
Citation: For presenting a thrilling drama of the abduction of an Indian scientist by a self-proclaimed liberation army which later realises the futility of its anti-social activities.
Best Film on Family Welfare Shwet Paatharer Thala Bengali Producer: Shankar Gope 30,000/-
Director: Prabhat Roy 15,000/-
Citation: For its bold depiction of a widow who defies tradition.
Best Film on Other Social Issues Neenga Nalla Irukkanum Tamil Producer: G. V. Films Pvt. Ltd 30,000/-
Director: Visu 15,000/-
Citation: For its effective and purposeful plea for prohibition.
Best Film on Environment / Conservation / Preservation Cheluvi Kannada Producer: Sadir Media Pvt. Ltd 30,000/-
Director: Girish Karnad 15,000/-
Citation: For its direct and effective communication of a threatening problem – deforestation.
Special Jury Award Thevar Magan Tamil Sivaji Ganeshan (Actor) 5,000/- Each
Maya Memsaab Hindi Ketan Mehta (Director)
Special Mention Pasanda Pandit Bengali Sibaprasad Sen (Director) Certificate Only
Citation: For his refreshing directorial debut.

Regional Awards

The award is given to best film in the regional languages in India.[1]

Name of Award Name of Film Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Feature Film in Assamese Railor Alir Dubori Ban Producer: Pulak Gogoi 20,000/-
Director: Pulak Gogoi 10,000/-
Citation: For its innovative style in putting across the tragedy of the exploited poor and portraying their agony and helplessness in a poignant manner.
Best Feature Film in Bengali Tahader Katha Producer: NFDC 20,000/-
Director: Buddhadeb Dasgupta 10,000/-
Citation: For its most unusual and daring treatment of a very real socio-political issue in a metaphoric manner – the alienation of a freedom fighter from his country, now changed beyond recognition.
Best Feature Film in Hindi Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda Producer: NFDC 20,000/-
Director: Shyam Benegal 10,000/-
Citation: For its poetically charming enquiry into the nature and meaning of love.
Best Feature Film in Kannada Harakeya Kuri Producer: B. V. Radha 20,000/-
Director: Lalitha Ravee (K. S. L. Swame) 10,000/-
Citation: For its political satire depicting the present-day social situation wherein the innocent citizens are made pawns in the hands of politicians with vested interests.
Best Feature Film in Malayalam Swaroopam Producer: P. T. K. Mohammed 20,000/-
Director: K. R. Mohanan 10,000/-
Citation: For its original concept and in-depth exploration of the psyche of a man who escapes into the mystic past to flee from the harsh reality of everyday life.
Best Feature Film in Marathi Ek Hota Vidushak Producer: NFDC 20,000/-
Director: Jabbar Patel 10,000/-
Citation: For its humane portrait of simple tamash clown sucked in by the glittering world of show business and exploited by politicians.
Best Feature Film in Oriya Vinya Samaya Producer: Shankar Gope 20,000/-
Director: Manmohan Mahapatra 10,000/-
Citation: For its competent treatment of the corruption of modern youth in search of illusive wealth.
Best Feature Film in Tamil Thevar Magan Producer: Kamal Haasan 20,000/-
Director: Bharathan 10,000/-
Citation: For its dynamic depiction of an educated youth who returns to his roots to fight injustice and in the process is forced to unleash the animal within him.
Best Feature Film in Telugu Ankuram Producer: K. V. Suresh Kumar 20,000/-
Director: C. Umamaheswara Rao 10,000/-
Citation: For the struggle of a simple housewife who fights an oppressive system single-handed and succeeds in making a dent.

Best Feature Film in Each of the Language Other Than Those Specified in the Schedule VIII of the Constitution

Name of Award Name of Film Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Feature Film in English Electric Moon Producer: S. S. Bedi 20,000/-
Director: Pradip Krishen 10,000/-
Citation: For its tongue-in-cheek parody of royalty gone to seed. A humorous depiction of a decaying way of life, not without its tragic undertones.

Non-Feature Films

Short Films made in any Indian language and certified by the Central Board of Film Certification as a documentary/newsreel/fiction are eligible for non-feature film section.


A committee headed by Ghanashyam Mohapatra was appointed to evaluate the non-feature films awards. Following were the jury members:[1]

Golden Lotus Award

Official Name: Swarna Kamal[1]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)', a certificate and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Film Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Non-Feature Film In Search of Indian Theatre English Producer: Arundhati Chatterjee
Director: Abhijit Chattopadhyay
15,000/- Each
Citation: For a deep and sensitive insight into contemporary Indian theatre.

Silver Lotus Award

Official Name: Rajat Kamal[1]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Silver Lotus Award (Rajat Kamal)' and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Film Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best First Non-Feature Film Knock-Out Tamil Producer: B. Lenin
Director: B. Lenin
10,000/- Each
Citation: The director has given us a powerful insight into the labyrinth of the human mind faced with a disaster situation.
Best Anthropological / Ethnographic Film Wangala – A Garo Festival English Producer: Bappa Ray
Director: Bappa Ray
10,000/- Each
Citation: For competently presenting the life of lifestyle of Garo community of Meghalaya.
Best Biographical Film Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Hindi Producer: Gulzar for Films Division
Director: Gulzar
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a moving rendering of the life of great master of ragas.
Best Arts / Cultural Film The Recluse Hindi Producer: Arvind Sinha
Director: Arvind Sinha
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a fine and moving tribute to one of the great living master of Dhrupad – Ustad Amiruddin Dagar.
Suchitra Mitra Bengali Producer: Sailen Seth
Director: Raja Sen
Citation: For a cinematic tribute to the greatest living exponent of Rabindra Sangeet.
Best Scientific Film Chunauti Marathi Producer: D. G. Information and Public Relations, Government of Maharashtra
Director: Dinkar Chowdhary
10,000/- Each
Citation: For its daring presentation in a befitting manner of the most dangerous disease of present times – AIDS.
Best Environment / Conservation / Preservation Film Ladhakh – The Forbidden Wilderness English Producer: Bedi Films
Director: Naresh Bedi
10,000/- Each
Citation: For an authentic rendition of civilisation and wildlife on the roof of the world.
Best Promotional Film Sound of the Dying Colors English Producer: Paran Barbarooah, B. B. Productions
Director: Sher Choudhury
10,000/- Each
Citation: For the film makes out a good case for preserving the arts of dyeing that have existed in many tribal communities for centuries.
Best Agricultural Film Ber English Producer: Om Prakash Sharma for Films Division
Director: Rajgopal Rao
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a skilful rendition of the process in the cultivation of ber in the arid zones of India.
Best Film on Social Issues Choodiyan Hindi Producer: Sai Paranjpye for Films Division
Director: Sai Paranjpye
10,000/- Each
Citation: For portraying the courage of women in fighting alcoholism among the menfolk of the community.
Best Educational / Motivational / Instructional Film Kalarippayat English Producer: P. Ashok Kumar
Director: P. Ashok Kumar
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a unique picturisation of the martial art of Kerala.
Towards Joy and Freedom English Producer: Haimanti Banerjee
Director: Haimanti Banerjee
Citation: For insight into the system of education being practised at Rabindranath Tagore's Shantiniketan.
Best Exploration / Adventure Film Antarctica – A Scientists' Paradise English Producer: R. Krishna Mohan for Films Division
Director: A. Udayashankar
10,000/- Each
Citation: For an impressive pictorial record of achievements of our scientists on the frozen continent of Antarctica.
Best Investigative Film Ram ke Naam Hindi Producer: Anand Patwardhan
Director: Anand Patwardhan
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a skilfully made film on a major problem of the times – the communal divide.
Best Animation Film Gaaye Ki Sachai Hindi Producer: Climb Films and N'CYP
Director: Bhimsain
Animator: Bhimsain
10,000/- Each
Citation: For an allegorical story skilfully told about moral values.
The Threads English Producer: B. R. Shendge for Films Division
Director: Girish Rao
Animator: Girish Rao
Citation: For an innovative film on the theme of unity.
Best Short Fiction Film Agar Aap Chahein Hindi Producer: Shahnaz Rahim for Films Division
Director: Mazahir Rahim
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a moving story of a village community which has been saved from migration to a city by timely help from a bank for agricultural development.
Best Film on Family Welfare Suno Bahu Rani Hindi Producer: Om Prakash Sharma for Films Division
Director: K. K. Kapil
10,000/- Each
Citation: For a deftly made film with the aid of puppets on the theme of family welfare.
Best Cinematography Sucitra Mitra Bengali Cameraman: Soumendu Roy
Laboratory Processing: Adlabs
10,000/- Each
Citation: For capturing on celluloid the many moods of the Bengal landscape and picturisation of the famous singer Suchitra Mitra.
Best Audiography Wangala – A Garo Festival English Sanjoy Chatterjee 10,000/-
Citation: For a sustained standard of sound recording on difficult locations which enriches the quality of the film.
Best Editing Kalarippayat English K. R. Bose 10,000/-
Citation: For deft cutting of difficult sequence which makes it possible to maintain the rhythm and tempo of the film.
Special Jury Award Noottantinte Sakshi Malayalam  • Salam Karassery (Producer)
 • Sasibhushan (Director)
Citation: For a moving narrative about the courageous Maulvi patriot and centenarian Moidu Maulvi of Calicut, Kerala.

Best Writing on Cinema

The awards aim at encouraging study and appreciation of cinema as an art form and dissemination of information and critical appreciation of this art-form through publication of books, articles, reviews etc.


A committee headed by Mrinal Pande was appointed to evaluate the writing on Indian cinema. Following were the jury members:[1]

Golden Lotus Award

Official Name: Swarna Kamal[1]

All the awardees are awarded with 'Golden Lotus Award (Swarna Kamal)' and cash prize.

Name of Award Name of Book Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Book on Cinema Awara English Author: Gayatri Chatterjee
Publisher: Wiley Eastern Ltd
10,000/- Each
Citation: Her work is a novel experiment, which analyses the film in depth both at a personal and at a social level. What emerges is a clear reflection of the socio-economic fabric of a newly independent India. The book can be rightly termed an extension of Raj Kapoor's artistic sensibilities.
Best Film Critic Bengali Sudhir Bose 10,000/-
Citation: His writings go beyond newspaper or magazine journalism. His courage of conviction helps him to reflect most authentically the regional and ethnic sensitibilies of cinema across globe. Whether it be Indian cinema or Hungarian or even American, Mr. Bose's articles portray a rare kind of perception.

Awards not given

Following were the awards not given as no film was found to be suitable for the award:[1]


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