4Real (stylized as 4REAL) is a reality TV series, whose eight episodes were broadcast on MTV Canada during the 2007–2008 season.[1][2] The series' main theme was having celebrity guests visit local communities to discuss local and global challenges, for example, having Joaquin Phoenix visit the Brazilian rainforest to discuss contemporary challenges with a local chieftain (Episode 1).[3] The series was produced by Direct Current Media.[4]

Celebrity guests of 4REAL Season 1 are Cameron Diaz, Mos Def, Joaquin Phoenix, Eva Mendes, Casey Affleck, K'naan, M.I.A. and Flea.


4REAL was founded by its producer, Josh Thome, when he was invited to the Global Leadership Jam in 2000, an event that brought together 30 young leaders from around the world. The rationale was to take celebrities (and audiences) to these young leaders while offering ways for people to contribute to their initiatives.[5]

After three more years of development and production adventures around the world, Josh and Sol landed a broadcast deal with CTV in 2006. Joaquin Phoenix agreed to be the celebrity guest for the first 4REAL episode featuring the Yawanawa community in the Amazon. After this, Phoenix joined the team as an Executive Producer to recruit other celebrity guests.


Awards and accolades

Season 1 producers, Sol Guy and Josh Thome, named Emerging Explorers by National Geographic as New Media Cultural Storytellers.[4]

Season 1 producers, Sol Guy and Josh Thome received the 2009 Harmony Award.[7]


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