4. Gebirgs-Division
(English: 4th Mountain Division)
Unit insignia
ActiveOctober 1940 – May 1945
Country Germany
RoleMountain warfare
EngagementsWorld War II

The 4th Mountain Division (German: 4. Gebirgs Division) was established in October 1940. It took part in the 1941 Balkans Campaign and then joined Army Group South in Operation Barbarossa after it was already underway. In 1942 it participated in the failed attempt to seize the Caucasus in Operation Edelweiss under Army Group A. Following the operation's failure, the division was pushed back into the Kuban bridgehead, then the Crimean Peninsula, the western Ukraine, Hungary, and Slovakia. The division surrendered to the Soviet forces near Czech city of Olomouc when the war ended in May 1945.[1]

During the war, 33 members of the division received the Iron Cross Knight's Cross and two received the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves.[2]


Order of battle


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