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Discovered byPaul Wild at the Zimmerwald Observatory, Switzerland
Discovery date26 March 1960
Orbital characteristics A
Aphelion9.2249 AU
Perihelion1.9508 AU
Semi-major axis5.5906 AU
Orbital period13.21 yr
Last perihelion2013-Apr-10
Next perihelion2026-Jul-06[1]

63P/Wild is a periodic comet in the Solar System with a current orbital period of 13.21 years.

It was first detected by Paul Wild at the Zimmerwald Observatory of the Astronomical Institute of Bern, Switzerland on a photographic plate exposed on 26 March 1960, who estimated its brightness at a magnitude of 14.3. Its elliptical orbit was then calculated to have an orbital period of 13.17 years.[2]

Its predicted reappearance in 1973 was observed by Elizabeth Roemer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona at a magnitude of 17.5. Although not found in 1986 it was rediscovered in 1999 with a magnitude of around 12.

The 2013 return was moderately favourable with magnitude again around 12.

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