72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America
StarringBob Brisbane
Rui Seabra Ferreira Jr.
Vidal Haddad Jr.
Country of originAustralia, USA
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes12
Running time41–46 min.
Production companyShowrunner Productions
Original networkNetflix
Original releaseDecember 22, 2017 (2017-12-22)

72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America is a 2017 American-Australian nature documentary exploring Latin America's most deadly animals, starring Bob Brisbane, Rui Seabra Ferreira Jr. and Vidal Haddad Jr.[1]


72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America explores Latin America's 72 most deadly animals competing for the ultimate title of Most Dangerous Animal in Latin America. It features interviews with wildlife experts and survivors of attacks.[1][2]


Below are the species shown in the program, in order of appearance and the position they obtained in the episode according to their potential threat to humans.

Jungle Jeopardy

Deathly Bite

The Freaks

Killer or Saviors

Pack Hunters

One Hit Wonders

Stop! Danger Ahead

Best Left Alone

Are They for Real?

Stealth Hunters

Killers: Myth or Reality

The Final Countdown

11.- Brazilian wandering spider
10.- Anaconda
9.- Bull shark
8.- Killer bee
7.- Jararaca pit viper
6.- American crocodile
5.- Vampire bat
4.- Assassin bug
3.- Poison dart frog
2.- Mosquito
1.- Fer-de-lance snake

Run order:

1 - Brazilian Wandering Spider (11th)

2 - Bull Shark (9th)

3 - Anaconda (10th)

4 - Vampire Bat (5th)

5 - Killer Bee (8th)

6 - Poison Dart Frog (3rd)

*Countdown of non-finalist contenders*

7 - Assassin Bug (4th)

8 - Jararaca Pit Viper (7th)

9 - Mosquito (2nd)

10 - American Crocodile (6th)

11 - Fer-de-lance (1st)


It was released on December 22, 2017, on Netflix streaming.[3]


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