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7th Banija Division
Flag of Yugoslavia (1943–1946).svg
Flag of Democratic Federal Yugoslavia (used by the Partisans)
CountryDemocratic Federal Yugoslavia
BranchYugoslav Partisan Army
Size2,539 soldiers (upon formation)
Part of10th Corps
4th Army
EngagementsWorld War II in Yugoslavia
Pavle Jakšić

The 7th Banija Assault Division (Serbo-Croatian Latin: Sedma banijska udarna divizija) was a Yugoslav Partisan division formed on 22 November 1942. It was formed from the 7th Banija Brigade, the 8th Banija Brigade and the 13th Proletarian Brigade. Pavle Jakšić commanded the division and its political commissar was Đuro Kladarin. For the most of its existence it operated in the areas controlled by the Independent State of Croatia.[1]


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