Discovered bySchelte J. Bus
Discovery date1981
Bus/1981b; Bus/1981 XI;
Orbital characteristics A
EpochMarch 6, 2006
Aphelion4.798 AU
Perihelion2.174 AU
Semi-major axis3.486 AU
Orbital period6.509 a
Last perihelionMay 9, 2020[1]
December 19, 2013[2][3]
July 7, 2007
Next perihelion2029-Jun-07[4]

Comet 87P/Bus is a periodic comet with an orbital period of 6.5 years. It fits the definition of an Encke-type comet with (TJupiter > 3; a < aJupiter). It was discovered by Schelte J. Bus in 1981 on a plate taken with the 1.2m UK Schmidt telescope at Siding Spring, Australia. The discovery was announced in IAU Circular 3578 on March 4, 1981.

It has been observed on each of its subsequent apparitions, most recently in 2020.[5]


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