A3 Motorway
Avtocesta A3
Route information
Length11.3 km (7.0 mi)
Major junctions
A1 near Gabrk
RA14 border with  Italy
Major citiesSežana
Highway system

The A3 motorway (Slovene: avtocesta A3, Karst Highway) of Slovenia is 11.3 km long. It begins at the Gabrk interchange on the A1 motorway near Divača and ends at the Italian border at Sežana, continuing on in Italy as the RA14. It connects Ljubljana with Trieste.

Junctions, exits and rest area

A1 (Gabrk) – Fernetiči (12,2 km)
x km Gabrk interchange Avtocesta A1.svg A1 Tabliczka E61.svg Tabliczka E70.svg turns toward -> Ljubljana or Koper
x km Počivališče Povir
Petrol / Petrol
Dane toll plaza
x km Sežana east
Tabor Tunnel Tunnel - 289 / 281 m
x km Sežana west
x km Počivališče Fernetiči
x km Fernetiči
x km Fernetiči (SLO) – Fernetti (I) border crossing
Raccordo autostradale RA14 Italian traffic signs - strada europea 61.svg Italian traffic signs - strada europea 70.svg → to Venice, Italy Italy

European Route(s)

Name Route
Tabliczka E61.svg 11,7 km
(45) – Italy
Raccordo autostradale 14
Tabliczka E70.svg

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