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The A4086 going through Llanberis pass.
The A4086 going through Llanberis pass.

The A4086 is an A road in Gwynedd. The road goes between Caernarfon and the A5 near Capel Curig.

In Caernarfon, the road leads towards the east to cross Afon Seiont near Pont-rug, then turns towards the south-east, past the shore of Llyn Padarn and Llyn Peris and through Llanberis Pass, with the cliffs of Glyder Fawr on the left and Crib Goch on the right, and arrives at Pen-y-pass, the most popular place to climb Snowdon.

The road then turns towards the north-east near Pen-y-Gwryd, to the junction with the A498, along Dyffryn Mymbyr and past Llynnau Mymbyr before joining the A5 near Capel Curig.

Towns and villages on the A4086