A4234 shield
A4234 road (Splott junction).jpg
Junction of Splott slip road looking north
Route information
HistoryConstruction completed 1989
Major junctions
South endA4232
Major intersections A4232
North endA4160
CountryUnited Kingdom
Constituent countryWales
Road network

The A4234, also known as the Central Link Road, is a spur off the A4232 in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It links the southern part of Cardiff city centre to the motorway network. The length of the A4234 is just 910 mile (1.4 km) and is entirely a two lane dual carriageway with clearway restrictions. The road was opened on 16 February 1989.[1]

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Southbound exits Junction Northbound exits
Access only Adam Street junction
UK traffic sign 543.svg
A4160 road, City centre, Adamsdown
Access only Splott slip road Splott
Atlantic Wharf Atlantic Wharf roundabout
UK traffic sign 510.svg
City centre
A4232 Queen's Gate roundabout
UK traffic sign 510.svg
City centre

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Coordinates: 51°28′23″N 3°09′44″W / 51.4730°N 3.1621°W / 51.4730; -3.1621