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A Collection...
Mutiny/The Bad Seed

A Collection... is a compilation album by The Birthday Party.[2][3] It contains tracks from the albums The Birthday Party, Prayers on Fire, Junkyard, and EPs and singles from that time period.[4][5]

Track listing

Source: Discogs[6]

No.TitleOriginal AlbumLength
1."Blast Off!"UK single "AD 111"2:17
2."The Hair Shirt"Hee Haw4:02
3."King Ink"Prayers on Fire4:39
5."Big Jesus Trash Can"Junkyard3:00
6."Release the Bats"single "AD 111"2:18
7."She's Hit"Junkyard6:05
8."Kathy's Kisses"12" "Nick the Stripper"4:19
9."The Friend Catcher"Birthday Party4:19
10."Zoo Music Girl"Prayers on Fire2:36
11."Nick the Stripper"12" "Nick the Stripper"3:50
12."Hamlet (Pow Pow Pow)"Junkyard5:33


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