A Pocket for Corduroy
AuthorDon Freeman
IllustratorDon Freeman
CountryUnited States
GenreChildren's literature, picture book
PublisherViking Press
Publication date
Preceded byCorduroy 

A Pocket for Corduroy is a 1978 children's book written and illustrated by Don Freeman. It was a sequel to his 1968 book Corduroy.

Lisa accidentally loses Corduroy, her teddy bear, at a laundromat. After a series of adventures, while Corduroy searches for material to make a pocket, he becomes trapped in a laundry basket until he is found the next morning by the laundromat's owner. Corduroy is reunited with Lisa, who promptly takes him home to sew a pocket onto his overalls so that Corduroy can carry a name card with him.

A Pocket for Corduroy was made into a short television movie in 1986.[1] An American Sign Language (ASL) version of A Pocket for Corduroy was released through Scholastic Corporation. This version includes the original story, artwork, voice-over, music and read along captions.[2] The 2000 animated TV series Corduroy was based on A Pocket for Corduroy as well as its predecessor.[3]


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